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heated beyond a safe or desirable point

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The Solar Impulse organization issued a statement explaining that the batteries overheated during the plane's ascent on the first day.
Inspection revealed overheated right landing light switch and possible overheated pitot heat switch.
It is believed the wheat bag may have accidentally been left in a microwave and overheated.
This approach and similar variations based on exceedance of certain benchmarks and certain percentage of occupied hours have been criticized for not considering the severity of the overheated state (Nicol et al.
A separate Japan Transport Safety Board investigation has found that the overheated ANA battery was caused by an auxiliary power unit, which had been incorrectly connected.
Warwickshire Fire Service were called to 58 vehicle fires in Warwick, Leamington and Kenilworth, of which 38 were caused by a faulty fuel supply or overheated engine.
However, he makes one serious error: He recommends using ice to cool down a severely overheated dog.
The cause of the blaze is understood to have been an uncoiled extension lead, fitted to an oil-fired heater, which overheated.
Four people burned themselves after they touched the device, which had overheated during charging," he said.
The commission said that since an initial recall in May 2009, HP has received additional reports of overheated and ruptured batteries, leading it to expand its recall to include more models.
Roger stressed that an overheated dog can die very quickly if not cooled down.
Small amounts of polymer are being overheated, exposed either to high temperatures for a short time or to moderately high temperatures for longer periods.
6 percent said that the "macroeconomy" was overheated during the second quarter 2006.
Good thing, since DuPont does acknowledge that fumes produced by Teflon that's overheated "can produce symptoms referred to as 'polymer fume fever'--flu-like symptoms that are relatively quickly reversed in humans but can be fatal to the very sensitive respiratory systems of birds.