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get excessively and undesirably hot

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make excessively or undesirably hot

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10 Asda hair straighteners May overheat, catch fire or give electric shock Recalled July 2013 6For full details see recalluk.
t e t t ELECTRIC BLANKETS Morphy Richards issued a product recall for some of its Over Electric Blankets, right, because they can develop a fault which can cause them to overheat and catch fire.
The G250 system will reportedly be the first completely integrated fire and overheat protection system ever used on a business aircraft.
Peru central bank president, Julio Velarde, said that he does not expect the economy to overheat even as inflation is increasing in the nation.
GLENDALE - Remote-controlled warriors built to move objects and attack other contraptions do battle in a square set up on a college campus as gears turn and motors overheat in the sun.
Home Entertainment wall units, made in China, have been recalled because the furniture's control box for the touch dimmer-lighting mechanism can overheat, posing a fire hazard, the CPSC said.
Mr Hollingsworth, whose baby son Sebastian was a cot death victim in 1991, said: 'I think most parents would be quite surprised to learn they could overheat their children.
The man was in the BMW with his teenage son when his car began to overheat.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- Gulfstream and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) have selected Hamilton Sundstrand's Kidde Aerospace & Defense unit to supply the integrated fire and overheat protection system for the new Gulfstream G250 business jet.
If the engine starts to overheat and the cooling fan isn't turning, follow these steps:
He was saying not only that the housing market has become overheated, but also that Mr Brown's spending spree is causing the economy as a whole to overheat.
WASHINGTON - A Georgia company is recalling 11,000 electric blankets that can overheat when folded, causing the heating element and blanket to melt and posing a risk of burns to consumers.
The company said leaving the handset in a car may cause the unit to overheat when it is left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods, or when the smartphone's iPod function is used in direct sunlight.
and supplied to Nokia, have a tendency to overheat due to a short circuit while charging, with about 100 reported such instances, Nokia has stated.
A fan with broken blades will cause the engine and transmission to overheat.