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a railway that is powered by electricity and that runs on a track that is raised above the street level

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|The Overhead Railway extended from Dingle to Seaforth and through the city waterfront
The Liverpool Overhead Railway would surely have been one of Liverpool's most famous sights if it had survived.
In March last year, we reported on proposals by London-based engineering firm MonoMetro to build an overhead railway between the city and the Bay, the first of its kind in Britain.
A new 84-page souvenir book celebrates the Overhead Railway with interviews, archive photos and a potted history of this great achievement.
Nearby, there's another overhead railway bridge, just 200 yards or so from the Solihull border.
Applications for the clamp, which is said not to damage steelwork coatings, include cranes, bridges, pipe supports, conveyors, overhead railway line equipment and access platforms.
John Balmforth, deputy chairman of the West Midlands Rail Passenger Committee, said aninquiry was needed into the increasing cases of damage to overhead railway cables.
A TEENAGER was fighting for life last night after falling on to overhead railway lines carrying 25,000 volts.
It also maintained that that LRT 2, the youngest of the three overhead railway lines in the Philippines, is 'a safe mode of public transportation,' calling the collision an 'isolated incident.'
At the top is the one remaining carriage of the Liverpool Overhead Railway, which Liverpudlians took to their hearts in the 65 or so years that it ran the length of the dock estate.
Two Midland teenagers suffered an electric shock and burns while playing next to an overhead railway cable carrying 25,000 volts on the West Coast Main Line.
The extension of the country's youngest overhead railway system is expected to cater to an additional 80,000 daily passengers living in densely populated areas of Rizal.
IAnd, almost 62 years after the Overhead Railway made its final scenic journey along Liverpool's docklands to Dingle in the south and Seaforth in the north, it could be coming back in spirit.