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a projector operated by a speaker

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The overhead projector offers an easy and efficient medium for demonstrating manipulatives.
Once connected, the LCD panel rests on top of an overhead projector.
When an overhead projector is placed on the end of a table, it obstructs the class's view and can be an eyesore.
The epidiascope is a forerunner of the overhead projector.
Schools across the city are being targeted for their interactive whiteboards, which use a computer and overhead projector to beam images onto a wall.
PC Godley is looking at possible links between the burglary and the theft of an overhead projector from Boughton Leigh Junior School, Wetherall Way, Brownsover, at the weekend.
In Push and View, 2000, the visitor presses a button on a modified overhead projector and gets flashed with a faceful of overwhelmingly bright light.
Briefcase-sized LCD panels are linked to a computer, then placed on top of an overhead projector.
The items that can be loaned out include an overhead projector and screen, TV and video player, display boards and flipchart easel.
25am on Monday and stole an overhead projector, simply pulling it out of the ceiling.
The thief then entered a classroom and stole an overhead projector, hiding it in the jacket, before fleeing the scene.
Each of the 64 general classrooms is a state-of-the-art learning center outfitted with overhead projector, projection screen, TV and VCR, notes Harvey Sherman, senior computer systems consultant.
The grant, announced this week, will enable the club to buy 175 new snorkels, an oxygen kit, a laptop computer and overhead projector for instructing divers.
Designed by Julie Archer, the lighting and visual setting are as potent as apparitions: bars of brilliant light define an intangible but inescapable prison; a niche is crammed with the broken hands of plaster saints; an overhead projector casts an image of puddling water, blue light spreading inexorably across the backdrop.