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a projector operated by a speaker

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Cross sectional study was conducted in 2018 among undergraduate medical students of 9th semester, at the department of obstetrics & gynaecology in Calcutta National Medical College, Kolkata, West Bengal, India to evaluate the opinions regarding three teaching aids (Black board, overhead projector and power point presentation) used during gynaecology lectures.
Overhead projector. The overhead projector offers an easy and efficient medium for demonstrating manipulatives.
Once connected, the LCD panel rests on top of an overhead projector. The projector must have the light source in the base (transmissive) and not in the upper lens housing (reflective).
One of the old standbys of virtually every instructor or trainer is the overhead projector. Overhead projectors have been around since the early 1960s, serving to increase subject understanding by visually representing concrete applications and abstract concepts.
Items stolen include a pink Sony Vaio laptop, a black iPod Touch, a set of Global chef's knives, a Robot Coupe 201 food processor and a white Sony overhead projector.
The library, next to Llantrisant leisure centre, also has an ICT suite with 10 public access computers, an overhead projector and white screen, a newspaper and magazine area and study tables.
The overhead projector and screen was handed over by officials of Bass North East and pictured (from left) are brewery sales manager Ted Emmerson, union treasurer Bill Clements, conference secretary Frank Rushton, general secretary Harry Scott, brewery sales director Jim Lanceley, union president Bill Reid, national trustee Bob Bradley, brewery area sales representative Chris Cook and national trustee Jim Fish.
Schools across the city are being targeted for their interactive whiteboards, which use a computer and overhead projector to beam images onto a wall.
PC Godley is looking at possible links between the burglary and the theft of an overhead projector from Boughton Leigh Junior School, Wetherall Way, Brownsover, at the weekend.
I noticed, however, that the speaker never used the word mankind, but always said (or had displayed on the overhead projector) humankind.
In Push and View, 2000, the visitor presses a button on a modified overhead projector and gets flashed with a faceful of overwhelmingly bright light.
Briefcase-sized LCD panels are linked to a computer, then placed on top of an overhead projector. The panel's image area, around 10", is in turn enlarged and displayed by the overhead projector.
The items that can be loaned out include an overhead projector and screen, TV and video player, display boards and flipchart easel.
The thief then entered a classroom and stole an overhead projector, hiding it in the jacket, before fleeing the scene.