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Synonyms for overhaul

Synonyms for overhaul

to restore to proper condition or functioning

to catch up with and move past


a thorough or drastic reorganization

Synonyms for overhaul

periodic maintenance on a car or machine

the act of improving by renewing and restoring

make repairs, renovations, revisions or adjustments to

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Nearly 10 percent weren't prepared for the possibility of an engine replacement or overhaul and said they would sell the aircraft before doing anything.
This important milestone in overhaul operations of the latest Boeing 777 product introduction, reached at LTLGS facility in Hayes, near London, United Kingdom, makes LTLGS the most experienced overhaul provider of this Landing Gear type.
CTS Engines said it has completed its 100th full overhaul on a GE CF6 series engine.
AIRCRAFT engine overhaul company, GE Aviation Wales has celebrated 20 years of overhauling engines for British Airways.
PREPARATIONS are continuing for the 2008 Olefins 6 Cracker major overhaul at Wilton during May and June this year.
Because turbine overhauls are so expensive--think the price of a recent model used Cirrus--the value of the airframe is more tightly linked to decisions about renewing the engines.
Initial contract duration to 31st Dec 2019 covering a requirement of 22 units bogie overhauls
The Wabtec Rail business overhauls and refurbishes passenger transit vehicles and related components, while the Brush Traction unit offers locomotive overhauls, services and aftermarket components.
This will be the longest the Cracker - pictured above - has ever gone between major overhauls - the last one having taken place back in May/June 2002.
These overhauls are to a newer depot maintenance work record (DMWR) or national maintenance work record (NMWR) standard that is designed to increase the MTBR by 20 percent on average.