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Synonyms for overhaul

Synonyms for overhaul

to restore to proper condition or functioning

to catch up with and move past


a thorough or drastic reorganization

Synonyms for overhaul

periodic maintenance on a car or machine

the act of improving by renewing and restoring

make repairs, renovations, revisions or adjustments to

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The regional states have also praised the high capabilities of Iranian Navy forces and experts in overhauling and building different types of planes and fighter jets.
The overhauling operations of the two fighter jets took 45,000 man/hours of work.
In October 2014, Russian Air Force Commander Lieutenant General Viktor Bondarev said he was surprised to see the Iranian Air Force's capabilities in overhauling different types of airplanes.
I witnessed the efforts made by the Iranian technicians in overhauling fighter jets and cargo planes and as an air force expert I was happy and surprised to see such progress," Bondarev said after visiting Iran's Shahid Babayee Air Base in Isfahan province.
Cleaning Overhauling and minor repair of gearboxes.
Overhauling and minor repair of hydraulic and drive systems of
And, even if the engine doesn't need work before an overhaul, you might want to consider overhauling the turbo halfway to the engine's TBO anyway.
In other words, the manufacturer recommends overhauling a turbo--and its associated components--no less frequently than you would the engine itself.
J&J's James Woltaske told us repairs are constrained by the minimal financial headroom between fixing a cylinder and replacing or overhauling it.
14) Repair Maintenance Overhead line Streetlight 15) Centrifugal DC Motor Overhauling 16) Overhauling & Annual Mentance of 625 KVA DG Set 17) Overhauling & Recommlssioning ACFC.
Meantime, the overhauling process of Boeing-707 cargo plane took 18 months and 80,000 man-hours of work.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) is overhauling different types of aircraft, including the strategic Mig-29 and F-4 fighter jets.
According to IRIAF public relations office, Lieutenant Commander of Iran's Air Force Mohsen Darrebaqi on Saturday visited the overhauling operation of Mig-29 and F-4 aircraft underway in Shahid Laskhari air base.
A senior Iranian Air Force commander had announced last year that the country had succeeded in overhauling its strategic Mig-29 fighter jets inside the country.
He further dismissed some recent reports quoting one of his deputies as saying that the country's oil output has fallen 20 to 30 due to overhaul operations, and pointed out that overhauling oil wells would never cause a 20 to 30 percent production fall.