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done with very great haste and without due deliberation

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Instead of launching reforms in an overhasty way and relinquishing their Communist parties' monopoly of political power, socialist countries such as the People's Republic of China, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam reacted at the right moment and successfully implemented reforms.
Webster's analogy between state licensing and private admitting-privileges decisions is also overhasty; in areas other than abortion, hospitals can be subject to antitrust suit for effectively pushing a physician out of business.
Rather it was an intellectual misjudgement that lead Arendt to 'an overhasty and dangerous' (p219) dismissal of the coherence and power of the ideological project pursued by Eichmann and other unregenerate Nazis like Sassen:
For instance, Hamlet's sickly complaint about smells can be read as neurosis caused by shocking experiences in later events, dramatically presented "his father's death, his mother's remarriage, its overhasty nature contrasted with Hamlet's own tendency to procrastinate and later horribly underlined by confirmations of her sexual submission to the murderer of Hamlet's father." In Pearson, the disgust at the older women in his narrative is to be taken as operative, more as an obsessive neurosis that makes him tutorial about Julian's young age.
First, it may be overhasty to conclude that all Weibo users in China have expected status outcome based on the sample characteristics in this study.
Beginning with DiCenzo's argument that periodical studies must remember its past rather than being overhasty to fetishize the new, this issue moves back and forth between the Victorian and the modern to articulate the continuities of concerns between these often bifurcated periods.
the refusal of computer software to live up to its advertised hype, and overhasty proofing by yours truly).
I try my best to correct overhasty impressions and errors, but the reality is that the ideal redress for this problem is that it is a wide field, with many with a plurality of views, both in print and online.
Garrick must sometimes have wondered if he had been overhasty in yoking himself inextricably to a partner he loathed.
One delegate speculated that the convention refrained from ratifying the first day only to avoid appearing overhasty. (424)
Indeed, warnings in sermons and other religious texts against making overhasty negative predestinarian judgments often appear cheek-by-jowl beside headier passages casting aspersions on the salvific prospects of those guilty of the sin being censured.
As related specifically to our educational practices, Heidegger (2000) states that the original questions that educators should be concerned with formulating emerge only when they are "not being seduced by overhasty theories, but instead experiencing things as they are in whatever may be nearest" (32/23).
He went on to say that the rulers have become awfully confused due to their bad governance and are taking overhasty steps to escape wrath of people but these will give them no political mileage.
Borrowing is no easier, but the banks have certainly become less aggressive in foreclosing on underwater homeowners, in particular since federal authorities rapped their knuckles -- and made them pay $25 billion -- over illegal or overhasty foreclosures.
(3.) See Nanda Meera's work on a good overview of the overhasty dethroning of reason and objectivity by postmodern and postcolonial critics and the opportunistic uses of the critiques of the social constructivist school of science by the fundamentalist and chauvinistic Hindu political parties.