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Synonyms for overhand

with hand brought forward and down from above shoulder level

sewn together with overhand stitches (close vertical stitches that pass over and draw the two edges together)


References in classic literature ?
Chingachgook, which means ‘Big Sarpent’ in English, old John Mohegan, who lives up at the hut with me, was a great warrior then, and was out with us; he can tell all about it, too; though he was overhand for the tomahawk, never firing more than once or twice, before he was running in for the scalps.
Boylike, Harvey imitated all the men by turns, till he had combined Disko's peculiar stoop at the wheel, Long Jack's swinging overhand when the lines were hauled, Manuel's round-shouldered but effective stroke in a dory, and Tom Platt's generous Ohio stride along the deck.
With the natural need of a strong rough man in anger, to do something forcible, he now clutched his knife overhand, and struck downward with it at the end of every succeeding sentence.
Kusog jud nuon siya ug kumo pero ma block man nako iyang mga overhands.
Concepcion threw his signature haymakers and vicious overhands but Servania remained composed and was able to hurt the former with a perfectly timed counter left hook followed by an overhand right that pushed Concepcion to the ropes again.
A fray of power punches between Servania and Concepcion highlighted the opening round, with the former connecting cleaner shots and the latter desperately throwing more of his overhands and hooks.
The Ladder Lock can be secured to several surfaces including plywood, metal overhands, gutters, wall cap flashing and tubing in a matter of seconds.