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a simple small knot (often used as part of other knots)

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After placing the last pearl bead, tie off the thread with a double overhand knot on the fabric wrong side.
Segments secured with overhand knots used as anchors, were often laced in and out of two or more holes to create friction, spreading the load imposed upon the thongs.
First form an Overhand knot with one rope, then pass the second rope through it.
Unlike conventional yarns, they do not degrade in strength as a result of overhand knotting (abrasion and knotting, especially with an overhand knot, seriously degrades the strength of most polymer fibres).
We fill the press hopper; feed a casing onto the spout, leaving a bit of water inside to assure it feeds smoothly, an overhand knot created in its end.
Pull all of the warps taut at the lower end of the straws and tie them together in an overhand knot.
Instructor Steve Carper began with a couple of knots that almost everyone already has command of: the overhand, perhaps the simplest knot of all (it's the one that extension cords and garden hoses somehow tie themselves into); and the half-hitch, which is nothing more than an overhand knot tied around another object (such as another length of rope).
At the lacing end, tie the ends together in an overhand knot at the pillow edge.
The sash usually is made of solid colored material having a finished width of 3"--3 1/2", and long enough to encircle the dancer's waist and tie with a simple overhand knot, then allow both ends to drape equally down the side of the right leg (Fig.
Second, I noticed that in the knot used to tie the two loose ends of the prusik rope, appears to be a simple overhand knot.
Tie a simple Overhand Knot with the loop above it and bring the ends up and above the loop, one on each side.
If you can braid hair or tie an overhand knot, you'll be weaving in no time.
Lower Right: An overhand knot keeps the thong from pulling through the hoof (top) while thongs from two hoofs were tied together in a square knot on the back of the foundation strap.
This can be done by tying in a section of heavy 30-or 40-pound mono with a uni-knot or a simple overhand knot of 5 to 7 turns.
An inch or so from the line end, tie a simple overhand knot, which serves as a sinker stop, keeping the weight from sliding off the line.