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Synonyms for overgrowth

excessive size

a profusion of growth on or over something else

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Carpal-walking is a common occurrence in goats with foot-rot and foot overgrowth.
NASDAQ: ARQL) for miransertib (ARQ 092) for the treatment of Proteus syndrome, a rare disease characterized by overgrowth of the skeleton, skin, adipose tissue and central nervous system, the company said.
Ear cleaning physically removes debris and infectious organisms from the ear canal and most will create a hostile environment for microbial overgrowth.
The inferred paragenetic sequence of the studied sandstone include both physical and chemical compaction, dissolution of feldspars and kaolinitization, chloritization and illitization ofsmectite, quartz overgrowth, calcite cementation and dolomitization, uplifting and deformational bands formation, and iron oxide/hydroxide cementation and its partial dissolution.
At baseline, the prevalence of CeD, CD, UC, HP infection, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and IBS was significantly higher among the patients with rosacea, compared with the controls.
Mr Prewett-King, 58, said: "The goats won't eat any grass that's been contaminated with fertiliser so the overgrowth and brambles in the graveyard, because they are natural and organic, are perfect for the goats and they just go mad for it.
Congenital overgrowth disorders of the lower extremity have been reported in podiatric literature since the 1980s.
If there is a bacterial or yeast overgrowth and medicated shampoos can't be used, the cat will have to be treated with a systemic antibiotic or antifungal.
12) A small series of cases (13) found that the 2-year progression-free and overall survival rates for tumors with sarcomatous overgrowth were 20% compared with 100% for adenosarcoma lacking sarcomatous overgrowth.
SCOPE OF WORK The scope of this invitation for bid is to solicit bid responses from qualified vendors who can provide lot-cutting services for various sized parcels within the City limits due to overgrowth code violations.
There were about 50 young unemployed working there, digging up the overgrowth and generally cleaning up the site.
2) Drug induced gingival overgrowth may be due to hyperplasia of gingival epithelium or of submucosal connective tissue or of both, the major drugs that causes gingival hyperplasia are phenytoin (anti-convulsant), cyclosporine (immunosuppressant) and nifedipine and amlodipine (calcium channel blockers).
This article details the complex issue of small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
Of much concern is the increased risk of fetal overgrowth and long-term health consequences for children of obese mothers.
Matthew Hogg, 34, has auto-brewery syndrome caused by an overgrowth of yeast in his small intestines, which produces pure ethanol that is directly absorbed into his bloodstream.