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They provide themselves with the strongest defence--short of injuring or killing their accusers--against being derided as optimistic, uncritical, utopian or having an overgenerously positive view of man.
So even if we allow a word to become very long indeed (Leibniz overgenerously supposes thirty-two letters (5)), there will be only a limited number of words that can possibly be formed (namely 24 exp 32).
Pickering, who sees it, perhaps overgenerously, as symptomatic of a whole civilization which sensed it was doomed.
My analysis suggests that it was not greater autonomy for the new schools of education that Dewey sought but the intellectual methods that he may have overgenerously attributed to other professional schools.
In that case, perhaps the moral hazard only arises where the court has incorrectly and overgenerously computed A's avoidance costs.