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Probably the most common cause of death among houseplants is kindness - and by that, I mean an overgenerous supply of water.
Ofsted found councillors, managers and senior officials are "overgenerous in their evaluation of the quality of their provision" and bad at spotting problems and deficiencies.
Property buyers need to watch out for a potential oversupply as well as 'overgenerous' payment plans, he warns.
"We have to be responsible to them but we cannot be overgenerous."
Merkel's predecessor, the Social Democrat Gerhard Schr'f6der, recognised this and pruned back Germany's overgenerous welfare spending to make the economy more competitive.
An expertise in hospitality and culinary, 'The Great Kabab Factory' at Radisson, Noida sector 55, is all set to rejuvenate your palate with the special food menu that is perfect in befitting a royal and overgenerous spread.
When asked to assess their own performances or contributions to groups, however, students tend to be overgenerous with themselves (Jonsson & Svingby, 2007).
Newcomers Jamie Barton, as Giovanna Seymour, and Taylor Stayton, as Percy, easily surpassed their 2011 counterparts, though I wasn't convinced that either was ideally cast, her tone a little too sluggishly plush and overgenerous, his a little too slender for the role created by the great Rubini.
(51) More generally, Beveridge thought the whole of New Zealand's provision was overgenerous. Fourth, both systems recognized that however comprehensive their social security provision, there would still be cases that were not covered.
In this sense, for prospective Islamic administrations, the major hurdle is to manage the delicate trade-offs between the imposing sound or austere fiscal rules (particularly for Egypt and Tunisia) by considerably cutting the overgenerous social or private sector subsidies and institutionalizing a progressive model of taxation at optimal levels.
"The subsidy has been overgenerous since it was introduced in 2002 and has been taken advantage of by investors, many of them foreign, and we have more than enough renewables in our country to satisfy the arbitrary targets that have been set.
However, they also reinforce the point that "In hindsight, and in view of current high mineral prices, some of the natural resource codes then adopted and some of the agreements negotiated may have been overgenerous to foreign investors" (UNCTAD 2007: 161).
and midnight, FAM) Christmas is celebrated by the Fosters, and Stef feels that Sharon is being overgenerous. Meanwhile, a neighbor accuses Jesus of cheating in a house-decoration contest; and Jude overcompensates with Callie to alleviate his guilt over having been adopted.
Problematic issues identified in the first round of talks include the enormous wage bill, the untargeted and overgenerous subsidy regime and tax waivers that government almost routinely hands out to attract foreign investment.
Growth fell to 5.2 per cent in the first half of 2014 as the government cut spending so that it could afford an overgenerous fuel-subsidy programme.