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For Beveridge, New Zealand--specifically its Labour government--had been overgenerous and over-interventionist.
Yes, there has been a crackdown on overgenerous state benefits to a cap of PS26,000 but this has been welcomed by most tax-payers, many of whom will never realise a net pay packet of the same amount.
However, they also reinforce the point that "In hindsight, and in view of current high mineral prices, some of the natural resource codes then adopted and some of the agreements negotiated may have been overgenerous to foreign investors" (UNCTAD 2007: 161).
and midnight, FAM) Christmas is celebrated by the Fosters, and Stef feels that Sharon is being overgenerous.
Problematic issues identified in the first round of talks include the enormous wage bill, the untargeted and overgenerous subsidy regime and tax waivers that government almost routinely hands out to attract foreign investment.
2 per cent in the first half of 2014 as the government cut spending so that it could afford an overgenerous fuel-subsidy programme.
It handles supremely well and the electro mechanical steering - with speed dependent power assistance - is wonderfully precise and alert Against all this performance, the compact executive is still very much a user-friendly commuter car, offering reasonable space for five - though it isn''t overgenerous.
Councils must look again at overgenerous pensions and wage a war on waste, or Britain's debt burden may soon become too heavy to bear.
However, the question of whether the conditions of service under the UN- Common-System scheme are overgenerous in times of financial austerity must be discussed with the UN and the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC), not with an individual international organization that applies this scheme as the result of the expressed will of all its member states.
A series of few well-placed, but not overgenerous, economic concessions were made to compensate for the continued absence of a political solution.
In respect of Chesterton, however, I think the comparison overgenerous to Sobran.
Fred Logie presented for the first team giving the banking collapse, overgenerous welfare state provisions, over expansion of the public sector, too much money flowing out to Europe and heavy expenditure on foreign wars among reasons for the deficit.
If the church is to make a qualitative difference in this pluralized world, its members will have to live, embrace and display an overgenerous Jesus who shares his life with whosoever.
15, although the 9-4 with Hills is not overgenerous.
Some analysts say this amount will benefit Pakistan currently facing financial crisis created by poor tax revenues, mismanagement and overgenerous subsidies.