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draw too general a conclusion

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Neoplasms: Principles of Development and Diversity distinguishes itself from many other books on this subject by recognizing that the topic of cancer biology should not be overgeneralized cancer-related concepts (as if all such concepts apply to all neoplasms) and should not restrict the presentation to 1 type of neoplasm (excluding all others).
The result is a somewhat overgeneralized precis of working-class experience.
Pang (2005) explains that the practice of using one element of culture, such as food, without teaching other important aspects of the culture, can create stereotypic and overgeneralized images about people from a particular group.
On the other hand, perceiving and thinking in unrealistic, absolutist, all-or-nothing, either-or, overgeneralized terms very likely leads you to what we call emotional disturbance and to your doing poorly in both your intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships.
Too much research today is still suffering from the problematic pseudo-etic trap in which local research findings are overgeneralized to global levels and culture is treated as a simplistic post-hoc comparison mechanism.
Feminist scholarship about the contentious relationship between women and the American health care system has come a long way since the 1970s, when an overgeneralized narrative of controlling doctors and helpless victims both fueled and reflected the anger that sparked the era's feminist health activism.
Kaplan's overgeneralized descriptions of complex cultural and rhetorical systems was widely criticized for being inaccurate, uninformed, and essentialist.
Edwards challenges us to think also about the reality of working-class lives - about a logging truck driver as real person, not as anti-bicyclist overgeneralized into stereotype, but as a man perhaps caught in that dangerous roadway bind himself and in grief.
Openshaw focuses on Raj Khyapa's lineage in order to present a detailed, contextual study, instead of an overgeneralized one relying mainly on a disparate collection of songs.
As a result, instead of an evidence-based guide that can inform practice in reading instruction, we are faced with a biased report characterized by misreported, overgeneralized findings that do not inform but rather mandate education policy -- ironically -- in the name of science.
"This additional information from WHI, together with new data from other studies looking at nonoral administration of estrogens that have shown differences in inflammatory and hemostatic markers, all contribute to the sense that the WHI results should not be overgeneralized. The overall results of the WHI apply principally to women who were about 10 years older than those who typically come in with menopausal symptoms," Dr.
But this notion of artists, programmers, biologists and the like as creative innovators is absurdly overgeneralized. Wark tells us excitedly that such types "create the possibility of new things entering the world." But only avant-gardists and Americans believe that the new is inherently positive.
To define them, including real catastrophes, as awful means to view them in at least three overgeneralized ways: (a) "Awful" events are seen as so bad that they absolutely should not and must not exist, but, of course, they do; (b) calling happenings "terrible" implies that no people can stand them and be happy at all when they exist; (c) if "horrible" events continue, we assume that practically all of us will be destroyed and our world will not continue to exist.
Such are generalized, maybe overgeneralized, criticisms of insurer claim practices.