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draw too general a conclusion

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But why should it overgeneralize? Is overgeneralization a necessary consequence of valorizing difference?
Although it is important not to overgeneralize, a plethora of examples from the larger field of education research illustrates the point that for scholars who have experienced marginalization and been academically successful, acknowledging multiple realities and using the tools of interpretivism are essential and defining characteristics of their scholarly contributions (for examples, see Delpit, 1995; Ladson-Billings, 1995; Trueba, 1999; Valenzuela, 1999).
Although it is dangerous to overgeneralize, research has shown that Native American students are likely to behave and react to teachers and teaching strategies in specific ways that are often different from mainstream students.
"All of us have a tendency to overgeneralize about the significance of results obtained from just a few species, such as Drosophila, Caenorhabditis elegans or rats.
On the other hand, the publication is so ambitious that, inevitably, it tends to overgeneralize and imparts only part of the story.
Fourth, readers should be careful not to overgeneralize Judge Stone's decision.
I don't wish to generalize about any particular feminist consensus among these writers or to overgeneralize any particular array of themes.
Each of the chapters invites readers to look self-critically at how their own assumptions and models may overgeneralize or otherwise delegitimize abused women's experiences.
You may personalize situations, often wrongly assuming that events involve you, or overgeneralize, drawing conclusions on the basis of a single incident, or without sufficient evidence, instead of seeing the big picture.
[2] While the insights into learning that we glean from our own scholastic experiences can be of great value, it is important not to overgeneralize from one's past.
The author argues that individuals who hear confession often overgeneralize the concepts of sin and guilt and suggests that they attend more closely to the psychological experience of confessors.
The author does not overgeneralize with broad strokes in his interpretation to provide a tidy, encompassing analysis; rather, he investigates the particularities, the conflicting evidence, and the fluidity of gender identity as it operated in public and private arenas.
It is not my intention to overgeneralize in these remarks but only to point out some of the small differences that can easily be forgotten in most relationships.
The adolescent is given assistance in correcting the tendencies to overgeneralize, engage in all-or-nothing thinking, maximize isolated unpleasant experiences, and operate on hidden perfectionistic assumptions.
Hautau says the most common mistake prospective licensees make in approaching the teen music market is to overgeneralize and not appreciate the differences between the audiences that specific bands attract.