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draw too general a conclusion

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Both can be true, but they are also overgeneralizations that may lead to misconceptions.
Properties are powerful tools students use to simplify expressions and solve equations, however overgeneralization of polynomial ideas applied to notation coupled with new properties can cause confusion.
She urged that media on both the sides should come up with images closer to reality and avoid making overgeneralizations and stereotyping on some sporadic but unfortunate incidents.
The unstructured nature of the examples used allows for the uncritical and unreflective use of the term "sexuality." The continued use of the term, especially in chapter 4, weakens the critical pedigree of this study and allows for overgeneralizations drawn from the evidence to go unchallenged or assumed (e.g., 71, 73).
Rossi's tone in these passages shifts from exasperation to amazement, leading Twisted Worlds into occasional overgeneralizations that mar otherwise laudable argumentative precision.
To neglect the I component would be to run the danger of stereotyping persons from various cultural groups due to overgeneralizations from the G dimension.
Another way of relatively limiting overgeneralizations on Muslims (as if they constitute a monolithic body worldwide) is the Durkheimian notion of society that Fish employs, but infrequently emphasizes: "society has a life of its own that is distinct from the individuals who compose it" (p.
But stereotypes and overgeneralizations also can lead to mosque burnings and other crimes, as well as inform or influence US foreign policy.
The term refers to a form of political discourse involving efforts to provoke visceral responses, such as anger, righteousness, fear or moral indignation, through the use of overgeneralizations, sensationalism, misleading or patently inaccurate information, ad hominem attacks and partial truths about opponents.
Throughout his study, Hawkins is careful to acknowledge overgeneralizations and the trappings of what he terms "dandy-spotting." However, The British Pop Dandy is an impressive study that proves musicology can adapt and create new methodologies for unpacking performativity and expressions of gender identity in popular music rather than forcing discussions of this multimedia genre into traditional analytical models.
Rather, REBT and GS have as a basic premise the notion that people can, if they choose to, use scientific thinking to reduce their misperceptions, overgeneralizations, and poor judgments to more accurately perceive, accept, and live more contentedly with "reality."
assert that the use of social information can lead to overgeneralizations. Such expectations and generalizations arise as a function of our integration of spatial and social information in the construction of cognitive maps.
One could reasonably protest that these are all overgeneralizations about a field, philanthropy, that it is difficult to generalize about.
Then the community seemed to regain some perspective, to turn away from the impulse to cannibalize ourselves or indulge in racist overgeneralizations. As the role of the Mormon Church in the "Yes on 8" campaign became increasingly clear, the "Latter Day Saints" drew fire for their theocratic overreaching.
These overgeneralizations somewhat diminish the impact of the narrative, grafting practices and concepts from outside the Hudson Bay Lowlands to the coastal Cree of the eighteenth and nineteenth century.