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a garment worn over other garments

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Concealment Clothing None required, untucked shirt or overgarment recommended
Ahead of the Paris couture shows, top designers have joined a tricky exercise to glam up one of the world's most traditional pieces, the abaya -- the long black overgarment worn by millions of Arab women.
Another fashion, somewhat less innovative than the layered look, consists of a loose tunic or overgarment, sometimes with buttons down the middle, and a matching long skirt of the same cloth.
'Toga' here is used for any vaguely classical overgarment, even a military cloak--but this error is not uncommon among scholars.
Unlike past opening services of the conference, bishops were not a sea of purple cassocks as they entered the cathedral for the procession: they instead wore the formal rochet (white robe with ruffled cuffs) and chimere (red overgarment) vestments.
Only three women went on the trip and all wore the "abaya," an overgarment that covers the wearer from the neck to the feet.
In a religious center like Karbala, most women wear a flowing head-to-toe black overgarment, known as an abaya, which provides an easy way to conceal an explosive vest or belt.
THIS groovy boys hoodie acts as a useful overgarment for all seasons.
The clogyn, made of soft merino wool, is an overgarment comparable with a man's dinner jacket in the sense that it can be worn indoors at functions or removed, for example at the dining table.
MOPP Levels and the CPOG Worn Equipment MOPP 0 MOPP 1 MOPP 2 MOPP 3 MOPP 4 Overgarment Available Worn Worn Worn Worn Vinyl overboot Available Available Worn Worn Worn Mask and hood Carried Carried Carried Worn Worn Gloves Available Carried Carried Carried Worn More information on chemical/biological agents, MOPP, and CPOG is available at www.gulflink.osd.mil/mopp/ Table 2.
In October 2002, the General Accounting Office reiterated its concerns over "serious problems" in the adequacy of the armed forces CBW training, availability of specialist personnel, and defensive equipment inventories (18) With regard to GAO's concerns over CBW suit defects, DOD spokesmen have noted that troops deployed to the Persian Gulf have all been issued the newly-designed Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIT), which does not have the manufacturing defects detected in some of the older Battle Dress Overgarment. (19)
To prepare for these threats, trainees are taught to properly don a chemical mask and protective overgarment. They are also taught to recognize and properly mark unexploded ordnances.
at 61 ("After all, one can cultivate trillions of bacteria at relatively little risk to one's self with gear no more sophisticated than a beer fermenter and a protein-based culture, a gas mask and a plastic overgarment.").
About 40 officers in Birmingham and Coventry city centre, Willenhall, in Walsall, and from the operational support unit are testing out 15 covert - undergarment - and overt - overgarment - vests from four manufacturers.
The last of these also derives from the 1912 photograph, in which Lady Shushanik wears a long, sleeveless overgarment with a design of stylized leaves and flowers.