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exceeding demand


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basin below because the dam was overfull, having reached "flood
At least one body has been recovered from the rubble after a giant deluge of mud and construction waste from the overfull dump site buried 33 buildings at an industrial park in the southern boomtown of Shenzhen on Sunday.
SCHENZHEN (TAP) - At least 91 people were missing in China on Monday a day after a giant flow of mud and construction waste spewed out of an overfull dump in a boomtown and buried 33 buildings in its latest industrial disaster.
Some residents of eastern Cuba have tried to alleviate their family situations by moving to the western urban centers, especially to the already overfull capital, despite official regulations that try to contain the population's east to west exodus.
The litter is blowing from the overfull bins onto the pavement and into the road.
Satiated but not overfull, coasting on a Kefraya sip, the evening ended with a cup of coffee.
The reported 4 courses are actually over 7 when you include each plate put in front of you, but the smaller portions mean that you are not left overfull.
Mid and East Antrim Borough Council sparked the row after telling refuse collectors to ignore wheelies if they were overfull and lids weren't firmly shut.
These tubes should be closely monitored for proper positioning of the drainage bag and potential obstruction of the tube to avoid causing or aggravating bladder spasm pain from an overfull bladder or too much tension at the insertion site.
When the hive becomes overfull, bees swarm, looking for a new home.
Nowadays, a far larger number of higher education graduated students made governmental and individual systems overfull and also the organizations are so less for them to fit jobs.
The book is full of entertaining bits -- it's clever, though a bit overfull of tiresome witticisms and stereotyped ethnic descriptions.
His trolley soon becomes overfull and heavy to pull.
6) Thus any major gains in Y/L would have to come from decreases in L, decreases that, in the new market environment, were in part dictated by the overfull employment policies of the pre-transition period.