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exceeding demand


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Then imagine yourself in the shoes of a child who has to stay in a hospital (an overfull and crowded ward at that) for prolonged periods of time because he/she is battling cancer, an infectious, or chronic disease - you will always question why.
On the side of the artistic and overfull, meanwhile, the title story follows a successful novelist to a conference on genocide, where she falls into an adulterous fling with a handsome war correspondent.
Trash began to pile up in the streets, spilling out of overfull dumpsters Friday night after trash collection stopped.
Late summer, over forty years ago, I went with friends to laze around Some reeds beside a stream, The evening overfull with time,
We need administrators who make sure all the paperwork is in place, the bills are paid and classrooms are full--but not overfull. We need creative senior leadership that knows how to do more with less because shortsighted state legislatures--including Hyman's own state, Illinois, and mine, New York--repeatedly reduce funding for public higher education.
To the point, I wash the bins, clean under the bins, buy the bin bags, put the bins out, orchestrate overfull bin compression and bin collection.
The fullness in him was not just a fullness of the stomach, but the sort that touched the heart, as in that overfull feeling one has after reading a long, sad book about love.
Too many ambulances stacked at overfull and under-resourced A&E departments."
As mentioned, the 3 types of motion data, "acc," "grot," and "gyr," are uneven and contain overfull data.
In the UK around 80 percent of cats will regulate their own weight without interference, they will eat only the right amount from an overfull food bowl.
This might be because overfull CuCl dispersed on the surface of carrier, which led to the physical adsorption effect is stronger than the complexing adsorption.
Breaking this nexus, Ropke states, requires tough monetary policies from central banks "until the chain reaction of overfull employment and trade-union power, wage increases, price increases, and more wage increases is broken." (57) In some circumstances, governments may try running large budget surpluses to produce the same results, thereby sparing central banks from having to implement truly radical measures.
She is not a good enough seamstress to compete in a market glutted with female laborers, and even if she did find some other work--"[w]ith the marts for decent women overfull, / If I could elbow in and snatch a chance"--she would by necessity "oust some good girl ...
Harden comments on a curriculum that is overfull of guided investigations for children and argues for the value of dramatic pedagogy.
basin below because the dam was overfull, having reached "flood