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It has often been suggested that the Candy-and-his-dog subplot in Of Mice and Men (1937) is too much, that it is a typical example of Steinbeck's heavyhandedness or overfondness for parallels.
If he is sometimes given to unfortunate whimsy (as when he suggests that Kenneth Branagh's version of Love's Labor's Lost could have been subtitled The Taming of the Machos), and if he sometimes displays an English professor's overfondness for literary allusions (as when he says that The Tempest "is large and contains multitudes" [254]), he rarely if ever becomes bogged down in jargon, and indeed many of his passing comments show a refreshing skepticism about recent preoccupations of both phrasing and thought.
There is a propensity to think in Hellenic and dualist categories; and an overfondness for a good paradox, preferably admitting a supposed dialectical resolution and usually referred to Hegel (who decidedly bewitches French intellectuals).
Until I got one as a Christmas present (from a friend who should know better and who has now been disowned), I thought a steamer was someone with an overfondness for cocktails.
He wrote that Pope's death was ludicrously hastened, if not caused, by his overfondness for rich and exotic dishes, and by "a silver saucepan, in which it was his delight to heat potted lampreys." Milton was blessed with a peaceful end.