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excessively fond

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Ferguson was once asked if she was overfond with the Bordeaux vineyard products and she just said, "It's very good wine." Also, she was criticized and labeled "indiscreet" on one occasion.
I am then forced to explain that it is my real nose and I am somewhat overfond of a touch of the hard stuff.
But that is what could be happening to certain council workers in Swansea where one or two local authority staff have been accused of being overfond of the drink.
He is indeed overfond of female figures with their victims, such as Helen on the walls of Troy, excited by the slaughter, or Salome venomously smelling a rose as the Baptist is beheaded.
Not overfond of the socially constructed value of their virginity, they give their sexual innocence away when romance comes to call, like true modern women, like flappers.
If necessary, a village would independently organize a less extravagant, but probably more risky, hunting expedition designed to deal with a particular tiger overfond of domestic cattle or of the locals themselves.
thought of him as wet and weedy, suspiciously high church and overfond of tales of the martyrs.
Perhaps that's a slight exaggeration but the man himself, the sleek star of Pulp Fiction, the loose-limbed mover from Saturday Night Fever, admits that he's perhaps a little overfond of his food.
Between power and the aphrodisiac, as the clammy Kissinger used to be overfond of saying, there is a well-understood connection.
In fact Godfrey was not overfond of his royal master.
censured his negative attitude, admitting, however, that, they were not overfond of Jews either, but since they had invested in the Company and, moreover, had taken a prominent part in the defence of the colony in Brazil, it would be unfair not to admit them into another Dutch colony.