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'What we should all agree on, however, is that freedom of navigation and overflight in global sea lines of communications is indispensable to regional peace and security.
The Army also said that the flights were properly announced by the allied forces of the neighboring country and that our security forces were timely informed about the timing and the number of overflights, their dynamic, route, height (over 1.5 km), model and number of planes.
"These disruptions are unacceptable and we call on the UK and German governments and the EU Commission to take urgent and decisive action to ensure that ATC providers are fully staffed and that overflights are not affected when national strikes take place as they repeatedly do in France."
overflights were both a response to, and a driver of, fluctuating relations with the Soviets is another strength of this book.
More overflights, however, won't produce much more income for Iran.
The Chinese navy also issued eight warnings to the crew of a US P8-A Poseidon surveillance aircraft when it conducted overflights in the area in May, according to CNN, which was aboard the US aircraft.
"Previously, we had an average of 495 overflights per day but this figure reached 631 in recent days, which is unprecedented," Ebrahim Shoushtari, deputy director for operations at Iran Airports Company, told Fars news agency.
The Macedonian Civil A viation Agency (CAA) expects the opening of Kosovo's sky to increase the number of Macedonian overflights which also means higher profit.
On the other hand, machine-gun fire was heard on the Israeli side off the town of Rmeish resulting from Israeli enemy military trainings, coupling with Israeli warplanes' overflights in the central sector localities.
Summary: Iraqi ambassador in Washington says needs 'advanced defense capabilities to inspect overflights' of Iraq territory.
AFP correspondents throughout the country reported unusually low and loud Israeli overflights on Sunday morning, including in Beirut.
Calm has remained tenuous along the Blue Line as Israeli overflights have escalated in the past month despite UNIFIL complaints, with residents expressing readiness to confront Israel if the country were to launch a new aggression.
"He will be very direct with Prime Minister Maliki about the importance of stopping the Iranian overflights and the transits across the territory or, at a minimum, inspecting each of the flights," a senior US official said.
"The sheen appears to be dissipating," the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) said in a statement, after inspecting the area with helicopter overflights. "It does not appear to be expanding." Shell's robot surveillance, in addition to overflights at the scene by the US Coast Guard, showed no signs of wellhead leaks, the company said.
A long-standing conflict with Russia over fees for Siberian overflights is about to be settled.