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a flight by an aircraft over a particular area (especially over an area in foreign territory)

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Noble credited Swiss president Flavio Cotti's diplomatic intervention with China for winning Beijing's overflight permission.
overflights of the Soviet Union might have serious consequences.
The aim is the acquisition of terrain heights by overflight by airborne laser scanner for deriving an accurate digital terrain model (DTM) and Digital Surface Model (DOM) in Bavaria with a dot density of at least 4 Pkt.
We maintain the position that, we, as an international maritime trading nation enjoy freedom of navigation and overflight in the South China Sea.
The last 147 drone overflight of south China had occurred on October 28, 1969.
However, because of the absence of such an air bloc, the country loses some 20 percent of the total overflights, as airlines lose some 1.
Overflight royalties and the designation clause are two thorns in the foot of EU-Russia aviation relations, which have even led to the opening of infringement proceedings against 25 of the 27 member states since October 2010.
OperationsCentre(TM) is a complete operations service, which includes flight planning, flight watch, liaising with agents for arrival and departure details, overflight and landing permits, customs and handling arrangement, and outsourced crew management.
On Chinas comments that it is ready to respond to any challenge to its sovereignty, Secretary Coloma said the Philippines, like other countries, wants to ensure freedom of navigation and overflight in the contested waters.
The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry has said its officials met diplomats from the Russian Embassy to discuss Sofia's move to deny overflight to a Russian aircraft convoy on Tuesday.
The Philippines and Russia have signed a new air deal that paves the way for direct flights between both jurisdictions as well as valuable overflight rights that could cut travel time between Manila and Europe.
Siberian overflight rights continue to damage EU-Russia relations.
He and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill fully supported continuing the overflight program that their predecessors had established.
Finnair expects to save EUR20m in annual costs thanks to an agreement between the European Union and Russia relating to Siberian overflight charges.
Its inaugural flight to London Gatwick, scheduled for the previous day, was canceled when Russian authorities temporarily denied overflight rights.