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The most common errors in both groups, by far, was overfill (see Table 2).
Instrument 1--high level overfill prevention switch: The switch is installed to indicate when liquid in the tank reaches a dangerously high condition.
Multiple engineering plans to correct overfill did not meet ADEQ muster.
Overfill Capable Probes -- Magnetrol offers the only guided wave radar transmitter on the market with a complete line of overfill capable probes.
This improves the efficiency of fuel level measuring operations, reduces workload, and helps prevent overflows, thus reducing the risk of fuel spills and environmental damage from fuel tank overfill.
Sullivan said the city also plans to begin issuing fines to residents who overfill their trash containers.
MOTORISTS are being urged not to overfill their fuel tanks to prevent dangerous diesel spills on the region's roads.
Diamond-SIS is an automated overfill protection system that can prevent dangerous overfill conditions in terminals, tank farms, and process vessels.
Simmer for 15 minutes then blend in a liquidiser ( be very careful not to overfill as soup will rise up when you begin to blend).
DIXON EUROPE are proud to have recently acquired 94/9/EC ATEX certification for the Bayco range of overfill detection products.
But, sometimes, I think there are anti-nicotine fascists who over-egg the omelette or, rather, overfill the ashtray with dire warnings.
The two prevailing hypotheses are the so-called 'overfill' (oedema formation by primary renal salt and water retention) and 'underfill' (decreased plasma colloid osmotic pressure leading to a fluid shift to the interstitium) hypotheses.
is managed by Randy Overfill. The store employs four people.