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too well nourished

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They were dubbed the "thrifty." The thrifty also burned fewer extra calories than the spendthrifts on the day they were overfed.
The researchers showed that shining UV light at overfed mice slowed their weight gain.
Experts found overfed mice with fur shaved to expose their skin were slower to gain weight after basking in ultraviolet (UV) light - the same rays that make up sunshine.
While it can be said that most, if not all, militaries favour their officer corps, a better example could have been used for the overfed officers.
By restoring normal communication between the gut and brain, researchers resensitized overfed rodents to the pleasures of both fatty and healthy foods.
Of the female offspring from the sheep, half from each group were overfed at approximately 6 weeks of age.
IMPROVEMENT work has started at a much-loved Tyneside park that had become plagued by overfed swans.
After consuming a weight-stabilising diet for 13 - 25 days, participants were randomised to diets containing 5% of energy from protein (low protein), 15% (normal protein), or 25% (high protein), which they were overfed during the last 8 weeks of their 10 - 12-week stay in the inpatient metabolic unit.
Within limits, the cooling capacity of an overfed evaporator increases due to the tendency for more of the evaporator's interior surfaces being wetted with saturated liquid refrigerant.
Henry, a Golden Guernsey goat, died following liver complications after being overfed with bread, including stale bread, by visitors.
* SIR - With reference to Gwilym Levell of Neath (Letters, Dec 2), I would like to say that this nation is not better fed as a result of supermarket domination; more that it is overfed with poor quality food.
In overfed Landes geese, LPL activity is negatively correlated with fatty liver weight (Davail et al., 2000).
"The irony is that the current healthcare system will pay for expensive medical treatments, but it won't pay for dietary supplements to keep our bodies healthy," he said." As a nation, we are overfed but undernourished.
The three-year-old domestic rabbit had been so overfed she struggled for breath because of her rolls of fat.
As a last-ditch effort, you can try root-pruning the plants by pushing a spade into the ground at a couple of points within each plant's root zone--a trick used in flower gardening that sometimes shocks overfed plants into initiating blooms.