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TCM holds the truth that the fat food, overfatigue, excessive thinking, and innate weakness of the body for a long time are the main causes of spleen qi deficiency.
Strikingly, Tsvetaeva herself expressed similar concerns in a letter to Bunina of 1935, writing that she fears the same 'overfatigue of the brain' from which the composer Schumann suffered, who succumbed to mental illness.
Cleaves clearly envisages neurasthenia, in consonance with Beard's view, as a constitutional disposition; in those individuals who are "born potential neurasthenes" (8), "the least little overfatigue, shock, anxiety, strain of any sort, the things that cannot be avoided in life, precipitates a crisis and the anguish is reawakened in the memories of the cerebral cells" (18).
This is the condition of overfatigue." Children, said Emerson, are too often overstimulated and overentertained - for example, when they are kept up to see father on his nighttime return from work.