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taking undue liberties

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This gloomy litany is overfamiliar. Less well known, but unforgettable once seen, is the image of Western eclipse drawn from geography in the first chapter of James Burnham's Suicide of the West.
It could be argued that his contemporaries would have referred to him by his first name, but it is well documented that many used his full name, and it seems overfamiliar of presentday authors to associate themselves with the appellations of his contemporaries.
(31) Poetry demonstrates forgetful recollection when its mnemonic patterning, often in a wistful attempt to suspend or reverse time, suppresses plotted causality; just so, overfamiliar anthology favorites may be misremembered if their formal strategies allow them to enter the canon in an artificially purified state, subject to readings that likewise impose or pursue timelessness by detaching them from the historical circumstances of their production.
But this doesn't necessarily mean we want to go to a 'family' restaurant, with its forced jollity, the paraphernalia of fun, the overfamiliar servers, the half-priced burgers, the abundance of all things fried and dipped in ketchup and margaritas for the adults to wash away, even for a brief moment, the anguish of parenthood.
My theory, that viewing the overfamiliar as a form of alien landscape would transform it, is undone by the pointlessness of endless orbiting, by the road's history, by its resistance to nostalgia, and by its theology.
He sent her a note in which he was said to be "overfamiliar" and seemed to be trying not to get into trouble over the smoking incident, Ms Rogers said.
Rather, my generation of scholars is, if anything, overfamiliar with earlier accounts of "communal pleasure" and "subversion" in cultural studies, where they are very far from new and indeed probably still normative.
Despite being terribly well-to-do, 45-year-old Xander, as he's known to his nearest and dearest (we can't bring ourselves to call him that, it sounds way overfamiliar), is like an excitable young pup, who enthuses about everything in his glorious life.
Rather oddly titled for what's basically a sentimental family pic, "Sex, Death and Bowling" mixes numerous formulaic, overfamiliar elements that never quite gel.
Put Bush up against Clinton and he erases some of her potential liabilities, because they're also his: all the reminders of yesterday, all the time spent in a bubble of privilege, all the unshakable allegiances to overfamiliar characters.
But by then, my girls were learning to read and things became awkward when Elise tried to spell out a sign and said: "Mum, what is V-E-N-I-S-O-N?" There have been so many department store pilgrimages to see Father Christmas that my girls are overfamiliar.
Some women would find being kissed on first meeting overfamiliar so use your discretion.
These images, "suggestive of Catholicism, emigration, and impoverishment" help create the "sense," according to Lonergan, "that everything on stage is overfamiliar" ("Introduction" v).
The familiar or perhaps overfamiliar montbretia, crocosmia crocosmiiflora, was introduced as a novelty from France, from the Lemoine nursery in the 1880s.
The familiar or perhaps overfamiliar montbretia, Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora, was introduced as a novelty from the Lemoine nursery in France in the 1880s.