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strain excessively


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"Can we overextend our arm without it being reciprocated?
"Let me emphasize we're not trying to convey a message to consumers to overextend themselves during this very difficult period," said Tharp, adding "We also feel our Visa product can assist those who find themselves turned down by other lenders or find existing card providers hiking rates and raising fees."
"Stick to your plan and your budget, otherwise you'll overextend yourself, and before long, you'll be in over your head."
It would be foolhardy, however, to overextend the reaches of "indifference, dislike and ...
Board games, such as Monopoly, help teach slightly older children learn about saving and investing - and what can happen if you overextend yourself.
22) Don't overextend yourself in the pursuit of foreign sales and thereby undermine your ability to service your domestic clientele.
He said plans to underwrite up to 95% of the cost of mortgages for first-time buyers "encourages people to overextend, while doing nothing to address housing costs".
By bending their elbow too tightly, and for too long, they could overextend the ulnar nerve, which runs from the elbow to control our ring and little fingers, reports The Daily Express.
Fulham certainly won't want Duff to overextend himself in a qualifier now rendered meaningless.
Peterson advises aspiring teen fashion designers to "overextend yourself and just soak up anything and everything that you can in all the different areas." Antoine says, "You have to just want it that bad, and you just have to get there.
But what if you overextend yourself this season with credit card debt?
Unlike their larger competitors, they did not overextend themselves in staff or expenditures and, thus, did not need to trim back.
Apolonio said the plane 'overextended to the grassy area' while doing a 180-degree turn.
It adds, "We believe that increasing competition and downward pricing pressure will continue to weigh on top-line growth and margins, and that multiples are tremendously overextended - how else could every single sell-side price target be below current share prices?" Shares of iRobot are down 23c to $121.97 in morning trading.