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the act of exposing film to too much light or for too long a time

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the act of exposing someone excessively to an influencing experience

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There are many guides to protect the eyes from overexposure to blue light.
In our study we found that overexposure followed by underexposure and to a lesser extent patient motion are the primary factors for rejected chest X-rays.
These are products in powder form or other formats, where there is a potential risk of overexposure for Canadians.
However, India's overexposure within the EM basket has gradually declined in 2015.
However, after consulting the literature, we confirmed LPG overexposure as the likely cause because of the following:
IT'S rare when a pop star grasps the danger of overexposure.
RadTrac provides RTDS, a radiation dose tracking system, to medical facilities including hospitals, imaging departments, radiology departments and clinics to prevent radiation overexposure and to promote responsible imaging.
In summary, this report finds that alcohol advertisers frequently violate a relatively weak voluntary standard, resulting in substantial undue youth exposure and overexposure to alcohol advertising," the report concluded.
He looks like a prune overdone, By overexposure to hot sun.
You may also get a second citation for failing to do surveys, since the overexposure implies they are not being carried out.
There is widespread ignorance, however, surrounding the potential effects of overexposure to UV radiation.
Bangladesh Bank (BB), the country s central bank, has sent show-cause notices to the seven commercial banks for not to complying with its directive to bring their overexposure to the market within the permissible limit.
Banks suffer from overexposure to public debt of waning quality, while governments face the risk of new burdens from banks that might fail due to their overexposure to the ailing construction industry.
As both films are on different issues, overexposure of their trump card, Ash, remains a concern.
Overexposure to this heavy metal could damage the nervous system, causing mood swings and general nuttiness.