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expose to too much light

expose excessively

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That's all very safe and logical, but what these overexposed luminaries don't realize is that, by not knowing how to say no and be more selective of the offers they accept, they are drastically hastening the day when the dreaded deluge washes away their whole career
Overexposed, which also includes the track Payphone, the band's collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, is set for release on June 26.
Punctuating the many borderline grotesqueries among these portraits are sudden appearances of genuinely erotic nudes: a beautifully lit, sprawling male figure with magnificent legs, hiding his face in a couch; a confident, naked nymph sitting outside in the dark, caught by De Sana's flash and half-hidden behind oversize, overexposed garden foliage like Eve in the Garden of Eden.
However, it is possible that a viewer's peripheral retina could be overexposed even when not viewing the beam directly.
A clever and harmonious extension of the Continental model range, which (whisper it not) is becoming a little overexposed, this bold and beautiful new Bentley is groaning with tomorrow's technology and is unashamedly luxurious, which will guarantee bulging order books.
In this Hubble image, Sirius A is the overexposed star with the diffraction spikes; Sirius B is the faint dot at the lower left.
But today's overexposed consumers are immune to impressions.
The unit enhances and optimizes video images, correcting under- or overexposed images taken under poor lighting conditions.
Pride shrewdly counting on getting buckets of press coverage--like this item-through its attachment to 2005's overexposed It Girl?
Despite supportive parents, he feels 'dangerously overexposed to his own family,' and a summer spent farming in Oregon is just what he needs to help him with his growing pains.
Viewed, more or less, in the vicinity were such various overexposed types as Lizzie Grubman, Chloe Sevigny and one Isaac Mizrahi, all of whom contrasted quite heavily with the very undercover cartel functionaries like Zered "Dr.
Result is an overexposed and unreadable picture, often preventing a costly ticket.
This is tough on the groups whose cash is locked up in bank interest repayments, and thus worsens the gap between the financially sound and those who were overexposed.