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exploitation to the point of diminishing returns

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Co-Author Morten Tange Olsen is a marine biologist from the University of Copenhagen's GLOBE Institute: 'This is one of the earliest examples of local extinction of a marine resource following human arrival and overexploitation. It supports a growing body of evidence that wherever humans turn up, the local environments suffer massive damage.'
Depleting groundwater level, overexploitation and deteriorating water quality and climate change, etc are major challenges to provide potable drinking water," Shekhawat was quoted in an official statement.
The Punjab provincial government has taken notice of the overexploitation of groundwater and drafted the 'Punjab Groundwater Protection, Regulation and Development Act (2017)', which is in consultation with various stakeholders.
'We find no other reason or justification for the arrests of Laza and Jipitulan other than being a competent leader and active member of a local organization that safeguards the marine mammal-rich Tanon Strait from the destructive fishing and overexploitation of large-scale commercial fishing fleets.'
Brooks, speaking on the theme of Life below Water, observed that as much as 40 per cent of the world's oceans is negatively affected by human activity, including overexploitation of marine species, loss of coastal habitats and pollution.
Houbara bustard is a migratory bird which feeds on desert insects and plants but due to overgrazing, drought, overexploitation of vegetation for fuel, timber and medicinal purposes, Cholistan desert is losing its biodiversity.
Same is the case of F computed by both the models which also represent overexploitation.
"The idea for this exhibition comes from the problems of the water sector in recent years, due to drought, overexploitation of water resources and depletion of groundwater due to uncontrolled wells," Mustapha Aouadi, General Manager of "Univers Expo" company, told TAP.
IUCN said overexploitation, pollution, and competition and/or predation with introduced fishes were the three major threats to tawilis and fish diversity within Taal Lake which resulted in "continuing declines in habitat quality and number of mature individuals."
Yet mountains are under threat from climate change, land degradation, overexploitation and natural disasters with potentially far-reaching and devastating consequences, both for mountain communities and the rest of the world.
This desalination project is intended to tackle drinking water shortages in the Gabes region, and especially to limit the overexploitation of the water table.
Of these, the key drivers of the decline of biodiversity remain overexploitation and agriculture.
It is necessary to access fishery stock status before harvesting due to continued overexploitation of fishery resources.
The WWF says the biggest drivers of the declines are habitat loss and overexploitation, but says climate change is a growing threat.