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The EU has banned tuna and swordfish imports from countries who overexploit fishing resources, the Commission said on April 29.
This years final selections present a wide spectrum of themes and settings from a 5.2k 3D documentary climbing to the top of Mount Everest to plunging into Manet's famous painting A Bar at the Folies-Bergere, from Hollywood Rooftop, a new experimental melodrama by director Brett Leonard (Lawnmower Man, Virtuosity), to Pneumo Hacker, a hand-made cyberpunk piece from Taiwan that addresses a real and current concern for a world where natural resources are overexploited.
Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing depletes stocks, corrodes the marine environment and decreases aquatic and marine biodiversity, scientists say.The Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that nearly a third of fish resources are overexploited or extinct.
"The government has identified 1,592 blocks, which are critical and overexploited, spread across 256 districts for the Jal Shakti Abhiyan.
In the Philippines, we are still focused on disaster preparedness and response rather than addressing poverty, income inequality and overexploited natural resources.
The EPA is also charged to effectively monitors and manage the Liberian environment to prevent precious resources from being overexploited, by implementing policy to ensure good governance and conservation.
This can be done by allowing the natural regeneration of overexploited ecosystems, for example, or by planting trees and other plants.
The survey revealed that the demersal fish stock is vulnerable to high deterioration; the Hamour (Orange-spotted Grouper) and Farsh (Painted Sweetlips) have witnessed a significant decline to 10 percent of their adult (reproductive) stock size and are overexploited by up to five times the sustainable limit.
On the basis of obtained results, it is concluded that this fishery resource is overexploited which confers several economic disadvantages.
The profits come, as you would expect, from the underpaid, overexploited and overworked drivers.
The fragile mountain ecosystems are a lifeline various species of for flora and fauna, as well as human beings, and they cannot be restored if overexploited, said one of the participants, adding there was need to be more conscious to conserve them.
However, today we are seeing 30 percent of the world's fish stocks overexploited, reaching below the level at which they can produce sustainable yields.'
Research regarding the fishery stock assessment of Argyrops spinifer has concluded that this creature has consistently been overexploited in the past and some effective management is needed to conserve this resource (Memon et al., 2015).
An estimated 53 percent of the world's fisheries are now fully exploited, while 32 percent are overexploited, depleted, or recovering from depletion.