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* Of the overexertion injuries to delivery truck drivers, 40 percent were due to lifting containers, such as boxes or packages, and 34 percent were due to lifting or lowering objects.
More than one-third of the injuries were caused by acute overexertion. Falls (29.9%) were second.
These two conditions are both caused by overloading the body's cooling mechanisms, either by poor acclimatisation or overexertion. Heat stroke is a dangerous condition that can result n delirium coma and even death.
The top causes of workplace injuries in 2001 included: overexertion, falls on same level, bodily reaction, falls to lower level, struck by object, repetitive motion, highway incident, struck against object, caught or compressed by, and assaults or violent acts.
Don't force too much exercise on pets during hot weather; overexertion may cause overheating.
Many executives said repetitive motion was a major concern, while it actually ranks sixth among causes of workplace injuries, producing only a quarter of the direct costs created by overexertion, which ranked as the leading cause.
Through the technique of Raman spectroscopy, researchers at the University of Michigan can now predict when bones are coming close to breaking due to age or overexertion. By shining laser light on bone molecules, then measuring their reflected spectra, the team of biomedical engineers and chemists can detect changes in the chemical makeup of bone tissue that surrounds small cracks.
workers who annually experience injuries related to overexertion or repetitive motion, and the 600,000 who are injured severely enough to require time off work.
Therefore the medium of this art seems to be less performance, video, sculpture, or installation than a sort of overexertion and overstepping that constantly points to its own limitations.
OSHA estimates that each year, about 1.8 million workers experience work-related musculoskeletal disorders, such as injuries from overexertion or repetitive motion.
OSHA estimates that more than one-third of all serious occupational injuries, or 600,000 each year stem from overexertion or repetition.
According to OSHA Administrator Charles Jeffress, the ergonomic standard "is the most important standard we intend to propose this year." OSHA estimates that 33% of occupational injuries and illnesses are linked to repetitive motion and overexertion at work.
If some are not bothered by the effects of overexertion on United, they probably will be if England underperform for the same reason during the World Cup.
* Priscilla Clarkson: "To Much Too Soon: The Aftermath of Overexertion," Sports Science Exchange, January 1990
* Avoid overexertion. Calculate your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220, as a rough estimate.