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exert (oneself) excessively and go beyond one's strength

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Although some of these people are athletes or individuals who have overexerted themselves in high temperatures, a large proportion of heat stroke sufferers are older people, who are especially vulnerable to heat-related illnesses.
He was certainly not overexerted - his second spell, also five overs in length, did not begin until midway through the afternoon session.
Galen's intemperate criticisms were directed at professional athletes--but what of his contention that athletes overexerted themselves?
She said Johnson did not appear to have overexerted himself at practice and didn't complain of any discomfort before he collapsed.
Maybe you've overexerted your staff and should consider hiring a new member or slimming back operations.
She feels that I could be in danger if I overexerted myself.
Whenever she overexerted herself, aches and pains would spread throughout her body, sending her to the bed or the couch for several days at a stretch.
Death by cardiac arrest, rather than by drowning, presents another possibility when individuals become suddenly and unexpectedly submersed in cold water or overexerted.