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exert (oneself) excessively and go beyond one's strength

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His tearful mother takes leave of him at the railway station and implores him: "Don't overexert yourself
If Liverpool had kept pressing after Brad Friedel's sending off who knows what the final score might have been but why overexert yourself too much in such circumstances.
It seems highly likely that Heskey and Agbonlahor will be paired together on Wednesday, given that Capello has vowed not to overexert his players in recognition of the demanding domestic programme,
Athletes overexert every day at their exercises, and they force-feed themselves, frequently extending their meals until midnight [.
The poet's fervor for language finds its reflection in the frail Gabrielle's unsatisfied love of music, which she has been forbidden by doctors to indulge, lest she overexert herself.
His last wish was to see the Pope, so I cut a deal with the doctor to let him come with us to St Peters Square on the assurance that he wouldnt overexert himself.
Thus we recommend that smokers, lest they overexert themselves, gradually work up to the 5-minute walk, which may be substituted by a single push-up, walking up a flight of two steps, or opening a door.
You don't want to rush back and overexert yourself.
Doctors treat chronic fatigue syndrome by helping patients to sleep better, giving medications that improve mood, and advising them on how to pace their activity so that they don't overexert themselves.
With that kind of backing, he says, MSI need not overexert itself recruiting franchisees.
Exercise to maintain body heat but don't overexert.
There was a concern previously, because of fatigability and weakness, that to overexert yourself might be a bad thing," she said.
This book puts women straight that it is not necessary to overexert oneself when it comes to staying fit.