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unduly excited

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Why everyone is getting so overexcited about this so-called kind gesture and act of kindness is beyond me.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Amnesty International said in a report that the UK government acts as 'overexcited cheerleaders' for 'woefully inadequate' reforms in Bahrain.
So what are you making of the reboot hosted by Dara O Briain and Angela Scanlon, with an overexcited Jonathan Pearce in the commentary box?
Which eight-letter word, containing four vowels, means a noisy and overexcited reaction to something?
But when it comes to the Championship playoffs, the final of which is commonly referred to as the richest game in sport, the money men are liable to get a bit overexcited.
"This is because younger children copy their older peers, they soon get overexcited, run around the club and become overboisterous with their peers.
What a lovely story of a friend who gets overexcited and has not learnt the way to control his behaviour!
Organizing committee spokesman Saint-Clair Milesi said Sunday that "people can get overexcited and problems can happen." Milesi also says "our security will be looking at those images to see if there was operational failure," and take the incidents into account for the next game at the Maracana, a quarterfinal on Saturday.
Bipolar disorder patients experience mood episodes that manifest as either a manic episode (overexcited, extreme irritability, racing thoughts and difficulties with sleep) or a depressive episode (extreme sadness, fatigue, or hopelessness), or a combination of both.
With the "Paa" actor now expected on the show soon, all eyes are on Ali Asgar who plays the character of the overexcited "Daadi", who makes it a point to plant her trademark kiss on all male guests.
4 ( ANI ): Hollywood's A-Listers spend six to seven figures on security services to keep paparazzi, overexcited fans and stalkers away, it has been revealed.
There will be all the trappings of a block party: food, music, electronics and swarms of overexcited youngsters.
I think I may have been a little too overexcited and stood by the special offer section for a while until the confused salesman asked if he could help me in any way and I embarrassingly smiled and walked away.
But thanks to an overexcited, haphazard dog, the family's endeavours end up in a complete mess.
From overexcited jumping on people, excessive barking, chewing, and others, Sue Brown advises readers on how to make the most of the problems at hand.