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Synonyms for overestimation

an appraisal that is too high

a calculation that results in an estimate that is too high

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The amount of overestimation of construction and installation works on the specified object was 787.
b/ Thicker than average corneas may result in an overestimation of IOP
1billion profit in the six months to the end of August and whether there has been overestimation before.
In weak or unstable markets, overestimation of property values can fuel unwanted expansion of REO inventories by causing lenders to set sheriffs-sale bid minimums at unrealistically high levels, which reduces the chance that affected homes will sell at auction.
Even if 10% of those attending A&E should have been seen by a GP - and we know that is a significant overestimation - and if that work was transferred to general practice, it would simply be a drop in the ocean.
Use of the reference-canine scale to approximate the osmolality of parrot urine leads to an overestimation of the true osmolality of the sample.
At the same time, there are signals of setbacks in nonconventional fuels sector development due to difficulties in applying technologies proven in one area for other regions and types of shales, overestimation of the yields of reserves and, most of all, due to the strengthening of environmental regulations.
An overestimation of the percentage of malignant cells could lead to false-negative results if the true percentage of malignant cells in the specimen fell below the particular assay's analytic sensitivity, and could subsequently lead to incorrect selection of therapy.
Merkel does not have a Hollywood glamour factor, but neither does she have a Hollywood-like overestimation of the possibilities to act.
The Riksbank's overestimation of inflation has contributed to overly tight monetary policy with higher unemployment and lower inflation than would have been the case if, on average, its inflation forecasts had been on the mark.
These strong downpours would result in an overestimation of soil moisture by the SMOS sensors.
He also claimed that tax evasion by some of these businessmen had been "forced" on them due to an overestimation in amounts owed.
While this overestimation occurred both in the quiet and noisy sessions, it was significantly higher in the session with sound - 24 percent versus 15 percent in the session without sound.
Using this novel approach this study shows that the acceleration/expansion dynamics is fundamental to answering questions such as why a stronger brand will benefit less from a word-of-mouth program; how a future decline in price or a lower retention rate should affect the benefit from the program; how targeting influential customers increases the value of a program; and how a shorter measurement horizon can lead to a considerable overestimation of the benefit of a word-of-mouth program.
5 million), in which an overestimation was found of 17 products whose contests were published in Nov.