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Synonyms for overemphasize



Synonyms for overemphasize

place special or excessive emphasis on

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Fones' painterly treatment reveals the presence of a human hand without overemphasizing it - his brushstrokes are evident, but modest, and the palette limited to mid-contrast grays.
Derrida asserts that the old metaphysics, overemphasizing binary oppositions, inevitably favors one term of each opposition.
More and more, smart managements are lining up against holding marketing managers directly responsible for profits because this too often results in overemphasizing short-term profits at the expense of long-term profits and future growth.
Overemphasizing nature's irrevocable cycles, they have doused hopes that people can mend their destructive ways, however much rooted in biology.
Seating adjustments should be made as unobtrusively as possible to avoid overemphasizing the hearing impairment (Kampfe, 1984).
But overemphasizing either of those roles can rub a parish community wrong.
Without overemphasizing the relationship between the simultaneous appearance of racism on the streets and the infiltration of the cultural mainstream by neoright intellectuals, it is striking that this neoright has taken its tactics--the breaking of old taboos, for example--and even some of its concepts from the left.
Q: The dangers of overemphasizing God as love are .