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Synonyms for overemphasize



Synonyms for overemphasize

place special or excessive emphasis on

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We may have overemphasized the adults-only policies in the above-noted situations, but the fact remains that the adults-only cruise concept has failed to find an American market: witness Celebrity discontinuing its adults-only cruise program this year.
Yet the sense of this production was as a subtle, evolving entity rather than one overemphasized in primary colors.
The importance of sun protection cannot be overemphasized," advises Ayoub.
Compared with a health problem that kills 3,000 people per day, the public health importance of bioterrorism has been overemphasized in the leading medical journals," he said.
The importance of these briefings cannot be overemphasized.
While most will appreciate Richards's insistence on the importance of the artist's links with the Carrara alliance, some readers will be bothered by his almost obsessive attempt to connect Altichiero with humanists in and around Padua, a point which, however probable, is overemphasized throughout the book to the point of redundancy.
The importance of quantifying skin reactivity during the evaluation and immunotherapeutic treatment of allergic rhinitis cannot be overemphasized.
Moreover, the influences of the Islamic civilization on the West were often downplayed, while, on the other hand, the impact of western cultures and values on the region was largely overemphasized and presented in a non-critical manner.
The Republican senator told Koizumi during talks at the premier's official residence that there are no divisions over policy on Japan between the two parties, adding that the change in the Senate should not be overemphasized, the official, who attended the Koizumi-Lugar meeting, said.
The importance of the bending action is overemphasized by both novices and experienced vaulters.
Although Gooding-Williams does not share Outlaw's strong opinion that Appiah seriously misreads Du Bois's "The Conservation of Races," he does agree with Outlaw that Du Bois's project as a "decidedly political" one cannot be overemphasized.
2) Although a recognized phenomenon, during the last 25 years, the Stockholm Syndrome has been overemphasized, overanalyzed, overpsychologized, and overpublicized.
Another aspect of the production that I find overemphasized is its supposed satire of the currently beleaguered British royal family.
Despite a methodology that overemphasized owning pagers and cell phones, the Wired survey did identify a real and important political subculture - informed, active, and largely up for grabs.