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Synonyms for overemphasize



Synonyms for overemphasize

place special or excessive emphasis on

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The objection may be raised that we might overemphasize content to the neglect of faith and the place of prayer in our lives.
While this statistic is not meant to minimize, or overemphasize either of these issues, RAND security expert Bruce Hoffman recently presented these numbers to Congress as a reminder "to place terrorism in the context of the many other risks and threats that exist and [not] succumb to the fear and intimidation that is precisely the terrorists' stock in trade," Testifying before the Subcommittee on National Security, Veterans Affairs, and International Relations, House Committee on Government Reform, Hoffman observed that U.S.
"One can't overemphasize the impact of Roots," she reflects.
Benedon does not overemphasize what the future might bring to the rapidly changing field of records management.
Supplements that overemphasize calcium over magnesium may be working against you.
I cannot overemphasize the importance of training sales people.
Beware of activity and arts specialists who tend to overemphasize their own skills and interests, such as painting or singing.
"All medical specialties overemphasize diagnoses and sometimes lose sight of the patient," Spitzer asserts.
Parents should not overemphasize sales, cautions Peeples.
But again, experience has shown that traditional vulcanizers often inadvertently overemphasize comparisons of coagents and peroxide raw material chemical costs vs.
These adjustments, and it would be hard to overemphasize the magnitude of the adjustments that we experienced during this period, had a major effect on the banks in the region.
Also, traditional approaches overemphasize within-time, interindividual variability rather than across-time, intraindividual variability.
People tend to either overemphasize or underemphasize the importance of nutrition in exercise performance.
Conventional wisdom and research on aging overemphasize chronological or external time, according to Baars (interpretive gerontology, U.