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Synonyms for overemphasize



Synonyms for overemphasize

place special or excessive emphasis on

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All medical specialties overemphasize diagnoses and sometimes lose sight of the patient," Spitzer asserts.
But again, experience has shown that traditional vulcanizers often inadvertently overemphasize comparisons of coagents and peroxide raw material chemical costs vs.
It is difficult to overemphasize the importance of strong visionary leadership in resolving the fundamental conflict between the "cottage industry" model of academic center clinical information systems and the common purpose of an institutionwide clinical information system strategy.
That is why one cannot overemphasize the importance of today's hearing.
Conventional wisdom and research on aging overemphasize chronological or external time, according to Baars (interpretive gerontology, U.
To Yachnin, conversely (though we should nor overemphasize the differences), these characters are fundamentally ersatz; they are playful fantasies in masquerade, inviting the audience to participate imaginatively in dreams of social prestige and rank.
It is difficult to overemphasize the calm of this gentle, welcoming and beautifully built space.
Coaches often overemphasize the importance of movements such as the bench press and the squat, and of awarding athletes with T-shirts that reflect the elite company one has joined by lifting a certain amount of weight.
Its author seems to expect, even welcome, the controversy that this experiment will provoke and explicitly states her wish to imitate the slave narratives by challenging both liberal humanism and Western metaphysics while at the same time going against the grain of critics who tend to overemphasize aesthetics, anthropology, or sociology in their readings of African American literature.
Regulator evaluations have tended to overemphasize banks' efforts to establish monitoring systems and promote community relations, which includes their [local] advertising.
Walter Isaacson issued an edict to his staff at CNN, telling them not to overemphasize civilian casualties in Afghanistan and to "balance" the reports with reminders of the World Trade Center death toll.
Another weakness of Young's sources lies in the tendency of Soviet discourse to overemphasize binary oppositions within society, especially between rural and urban, peasants and workers, the young and old, and men and women.
Expressing his indictment in a roots/routes pun, Gilroy sees the problem of African American literary canon formation as its tendency to overemphasize static internal roots at the expense of dynamic external routes.
One answer is psychological bias: "The economy" is too big and complicated to comprehend, so we overemphasize "typical" jobs and industries - the ones we see on TV.