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Synonyms for overemphasise

place special or excessive emphasis on

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She said: "I cannot overemphasise the importance of flu vaccinations.
Gary Brandrick, Senior Fire Safety Manager, said: "I cannot overemphasise how lucky the two residents and their neighbours were to escape with their lives.
We cannot overemphasise the need and urgency of fiscal consolidation.
Schools can make some difference, though it is easy to overemphasise what this is and hard to define the educational ethos that will be more important than whether you can count to 10 or even 11 by the age of five.
Kelly's lawyers had asked the judge to bar jurors from reviewing the graphic video, saying they worried jurors would overemphasise one piece of evidence.
Peter Clark, now retired chief superintendent of the BTP's complaints and disciplinary department at the time, said: "I can't overemphasise the serious nature of the complaint made by the complainant at the time.
I cannot overemphasise therefore how much the team will need the supporters on Thursday night.
Mintzberg argues that MBA programmes overemphasise analysis and denigrate experience.
Sam said he couldn't overemphasise the importance of would-be sellers keeping their home clean and tidy.
The possibility of inaccurate financial reporting and sales manipulation could have far reaching impacts on the business community at large, which is why we cannot overemphasise enough the importance of having trained and certified accounting and financial management professionals who can help spot and safeguard businesses from these fraudulent activities," Gurowka added.
We cannot overemphasise that the best way to reduce the number of injuries during bonfire celebrations is by attending organised events.
I can't overemphasise the importance of this win and I cannot praise the players enough.
I cannot overemphasise the importance of this collaboration in building the capacity of SMEs to implement compliant safety systems.