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too much emphasis

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It is not too late for us to discard the wrong educational legacy we got from the Americans in our overemphasis on college education and follow Chicago's example of moving towards the German model.
The government's confused response and the strategic community's overemphasis on CPEC's strategic dimension are exerting pressure on the project's long-term prospects.
She contends that society's overemphasis on separability results in political and economic problems like greed and that individuals and societies thrive when policies and practices see both the unique value of individuals and their interconnectedness.
The report found there was an "overemphasis on financial and reputational risk and less emphasis on customer consequences and outcomes than is appropriate".
We're losing the younger generation based on inhospitality and overemphasis of a narrow list of moral issues.
It has strongly been observed that overemphasis on innovations has shown adverse effects in developing societies which is mainly due to the lack of policy frameworks.
M.'s contribution here is primarily twofold: first, to show the intimate association between the love theme and the "hour" of Jesus, and second, to balance an overemphasis on Jesus' words about love in the Fourth Gospel with attention to his actions that reveal love, not only for the Johannine community but also for the world.
However, other educational supervisors and teachers have argued that overemphasis on official controls will ultimately reduce the use of YouTube educational materials in schools, as many staff are conscious of being held accountable for any potential irregularities or violations that were unintentional on their part.
Five years ago: Kicking off a four-state push for his health care overhaul plan, President Barack Obama denounced what he suggested was news media overemphasis on scenes of angry protesters at town-hall meetings, telling his own gathering in Belgrade, Montana, that ''TV loves a ruckus.'' Charles Manson follower Lynette ''Squeaky'' Fromme, 60, convicted of trying to assassinate President Gerald Ford in 1975, was released from a Texas prison hospital after more than three decades behind bars.
But much of this problem has its roots in other problems -- gender inequality, lack of education, disproportionate distribution of wealth, skewed economic reforms and employment creation, lack of primary health care, high girl-child mortality, illiteracy and an overemphasis on urban development.
How accurate Tinseltown's portrayal will be remains to be seen, but it would be disappointing if an overemphasis on his off-track activities detracted from his undoubted prowess as a racing driver.
"The negative was its overemphasis on the glamorization of New York City," he said.
A main theme of the book is that the failure of past research to find a relationship between synergy and M&A success is caused by an overemphasis on the pre-merger stage at the expense of the post-merger stage.
Their effort is to accentuate social Trinity in order to balance (supplant?) sending Trinity, creation to be held in tension with redemption, pneumatology to compensate for a perceived overemphasis on Christology, and participation with the Spirit in creation and culture to widen a sense of God's mission.
All told, A World Between Us is an impressive debut, a cross-over novel, but not for the squeamish, although there is no overemphasis upon the horrors of conflict.