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There are many entries which complain about the modern world's overemphasis on sex and contraception, reminding us that there was a famous occasion when a pro-life demonstration on Parliament Hill featured both Muggeridge and Marshall McLuhan.
But with its overemphasis on dialogue and almost no action, this talky, static misfire won't go anywhere.
While at Auschwitz with an international delegation of Jewish intellectuals to advise the Polish government on how to remember the Holocaust, Ellis deepens his critique of an overemphasis on Jewish suffering 50 years ago, which distances Jews from more recent and more troubling suffering - principally that of Palestinians under Israeli occupation since 1967.
There has been an overemphasis in the past on a person's financial means.
He further argued that the United States, dominated by newspaper media at the time, had skewed towards an overemphasis on space.
An overemphasis on the masculine is damaging to men and women.
Every major report on the UK economy done in the last 15 years pinpoints our main weakness as a lack of regional structure and an overemphasis on the overheated South East.
Well-intended attempts to assess student achievement have often led to overemphasis on minutiae or basics rather than the understanding of larger issues and more complex questions.
Toye said it has rectified "the overemphasis on the sales and marketing effort in the new retail venture at the expense of some of our traditional areas of business".
In situating The Tempest in such ethical context and in advocating greater familiarity with Renaissance cultural materials, Schneider suggests a useful corrective to the political overemphasis New Historicism sometimes presents.
These include an underdeveloped ecclesiology and a distracting overemphasis on dissent, a possible dualism embedded in his distinction between "moral rightness" and "moral goodness," the absence of a virtue ethic, and the limited range of topics and dialogue partners engaged.
Analogously, the theory of the divine right of the monarchy was formulated in response to a perceived overemphasis on the independence of the sovereign in earlier formulations.