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Synonyms for overemotional

excessively or abnormally emotional


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Italian Futurism, the avant-garde movement begun in 1909 that grandly sought to revolutionize humankind's relationship to itself and to the world, was founded by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, an eccentric artist who grew up in a wealthy family in both Egypt and Italy and became famous early in his career for his public declamations, often melodramatic and overemotional, of Symbolist plays and monologues (Berghaus, Genesis 1-38).
Fastlearning Scarecrow Maria Crocker, overemotional Tin Man Carl Kennedy and the stuttering but plucky Lion, Michael Blair, plus Queen of the Field Mouses Ruth Mary Johnson, provided the fairytale magic.
But what happens when your response to Whiteness is criticized as an overemotional reaction?
Gadda's perception of the rout, his emotional (often overemotional) reactions, his bewilderment, confusion and despair are the side effects of a most modern feat of logistics, tactics, strategy and technology.
The overemotional reaction on our part is founded on the fundamentalist notion of the term Macedonia, which the antiquisation suggests.
The picture emerging is a mirror image of the traditional gender map: men and markets on the side of the irrational and overemotional, and women on the side of the cool and levelheaded.
Indeed, it seems that Hawthorne's distaste for the overemotional fire and brimstone preaching of the old-time Calvinist President Allen finds an equivalent object of scorn in Phips' raucous narrative practice.
Lovers should be patient and avoid being overemotional with each other.
are overemotional, excitable and unstable?" (1) Ben Okri, referencing the reception of Shakespeare's tragedy by critics and audiences, (2) said that if Othello were not originally a play about race (as indeed it was not in the modern sense of the term), its history has made it one.
Despite the high level of interest in Muamba's first appearance at the Reebok Stadium since his cardiac arrest on March 17, Bolton tried to keep this occasion low-key, as there was no lavish floral tribute, no overemotional video mosaic.
The relationship between children's behavioral and emotional problems and parental mental illness may be partially explained by the fact that mentally ill parents tend to be emotionally unavailable to their children, are often overemotional, and are more apt to use authoritarian parenting practices (Avison 1999).
He gave an impression of being tragic, pathetic and tremendously overemotional. But this penniless and physically unappealing man created small paintings of astonishing vividness and color, which she deemed 'exquisite', rather in the manner of some Paul Klees--not so surprising, as Reichel had shared a studio with Klee before coming to Paris in 1929.
Being a posh actor in England, you cannot escape the class-typing from whatever side you look at it" Old Harrovian actor Benedict Cumberbatch "Margaret Thatcher was never in my experience the half-hysterical, overemotional, over-acting woman portrayed by Meryl Streep" Tory peer Lord Tebbit on The Iron Lady