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excessively eager

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Its action leads to an explosive showdown on the streets of Vancouver; it isn't just relegated to guns but includes expert melee bouts between trained wrestlers and overeager goons.
The stiffness is caused by a 'molecular brake pad' called HDAC3 which has become 'overeager' in compacting the DNA.
A dedicated fellow, overeager to gratify his exultant, hyper mouse brings the narrative to life in a most magically child pleasing style.
PAUL Hollywood has defended his right to congratulate Bake Off contestants after viewers complained that he was dishing out his coveted handshakes "like an overeager salesman".
There's so much going on within each page, as first a giraffe and then a parade of other animals are unceremoniously hauled in by overeager boys and girls to be presented as the misplaced hippo, lurking (for those who know to look) ever so subtly in the shadows.
Jackson went a bit further in his response and seemed to call Carson an Uncle Tom, which has been (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/Uncle%20Tom) defined as "a black who is overeager to win the approval of whites (as by obsequious behavior or uncritical acceptance of white values and goals)
Overeager rollouts will earn chatbots a bad reputation
Bertie the beaver risks devastating flood by blocking key waterways DAVID TAYLOR david.taylor@dailyrecord.co.uk AN OVEREAGER beaver had to be rehomed after threatening to flood an entire Scots town.
Llandovery looked almost overeager in their efforts to get back on terms.
Overeager officers supplied five more than ordered, but killed them anyway, to keep the massacre secret.
"Within the high school gossip circle that is New York's Congressional delegation, Kirsten Gillibrand's nickname is 'Tracy Flick'--a not-so-flattering reference to the overeager, blond, bubbly, and viciously competitive Reese Witherspoon character in the movie 'Election'."-Politico.com
What the Administration is trying to spin as a function of complex Iranian politics was, in blunt fact, an expression of lordly contempt for what Iranian leaders consider to be an overeager suitor from an unworthy nation.
SPRINT superstar Usain Bolt is worth a packet - and it looks like one overeager fan was keen to find out just how big that packet is.
The second edition of the new-look publication contained a slightly derogatory comment about the appointment of Defence Minister Marcel Masse, resulting in some overeager zealot ordering our contract with Air Canada terminated.
On the very next pitch, overeager to start a double play, I fumbled my way into a second.