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'Its continued presence is undermining the protection that finishers need from routine overdressing as well as blocking much needed price transparency.
The UK-wide inspection took place last October and the officials confirmed that overdressing in price reporting abattoirs using the controversial New EU specification was routine, with more tissue than there should be regularly removed from carcases before they are weighed for payment.
The most common are immunisation, infection and overdressing.
WARREN FISHER: People think our Showy overdressing is akin to '80s types like Adam Ant and Boy George, as opposed to Alice Cooper or Kiss, which is weird, since this sort of extravagance happens in every decade.
SKIMPY: Kylie has not been accused of overdressing for the calendar
The mixture of scruffiness and overdressing also brings about a number of witty observations, of which Skvorecky is a master.
The latest possible cause of SIDS is overdressing. If a baby is so tightly wrapped and covered that he can't lose heat there's a chance he will become overheated.