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present in an overly dramatic manner

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COA students found the film to overdramatized the "super pig" Okja and give her characteristics of animals that humans hold more closely and dearly.
de Jong, who has long observed Indonesia from both a scholar's armchair and a desk at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, believes that the virtually universal understanding of this important episode of postwar decolonization has been vastly oversimplified, overdramatized, and overmoralized.
Also questioning our preconceptions, Simo Mikkonen argues that Western scholarship has overdramatized the 1936 Pravda denunciations of Shostakovich ("'Muddle instead of Music' in 1936: Cataclysm of Musical Administration").
Mukherjee also inserts occasional glimpses of his own patients, whose experiences are markedly overdramatized. ...
Kelly said he thinks the pounding James took late in the year was "overdramatized" a bit, and that he never saw his star back flinch.
was being subverted by too much government involvement; that potential crises from strikes tended to be overrated and overdramatized; that high officials should refuse to become involved and certainly should not attempt to force the parties to settle their disputes; and that the clear willingness of high administration officials to become involved resulted in their exploitation by labor or management in a process where "supply created its own demand." (10) As Shultz put it, "[I]f the president hangs out his shingle, of course he'll get all the business." (11)
It is indeed easy to retrospectively see a situation as overdramatized, but moral panic is in itself a retrospectively recognized phenomenon and it is thus relevant to say that we now know novels at least generally do not have the power to addict and corrupt.
And I don't think it seems like a very smart strategy to just let methamphetamine run its course while we dither on old issues." In that regard, Wheat says, it's not true that the meth crisis has been overdramatized. Indeed, he says, "We do know that it is overwhelming rural law enforcement and child protection services in rural areas."
An earlier live presentation from the alliance, called "Unlocking The Value" and employing training vignettes with "overdramatized patient scenarios," is also available.
In general, and despite these very interesting analyses, the notion of arbitrariness is overdramatized (the violence that the author repeatedly imputes to it is never demonstrated) and rather exceeds its conceptual usefulness.
In response, Jarle Aambo, acting director of Norway's Olympic program, said the case had been "overdramatized." The birth control patches are personal items and thus legal, he commented.
(Even as a teenager, I never blindly accepted the critics' voice.) Nor could the cover--which now just looks like a fine, somewhat overdramatized portrait of a heroic figure in my life--have generated such an extreme response.
Even Tyne Daly has acknowledged that the social work situations portrayed may be "overdramatized and some of the outcomes idealized ..." ("Tyne Daly wows," p.
However, like those who declared that the sky was falling in the 1980s, one cannot help feeling that Barnett has overdramatized the situation.