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present in an overly dramatic manner

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Even in good examples, like Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge, the instinct is to overdramatize the dialogue and overblow the set production, all for the goal of creating a spectacle.
Since World War II there has been a tendency to overdramatize or exaggerate Christian rescues of Jewish people; Tanay respects the nobility of those who did so but also carefully delineates examples in which the truth is lost to the need to mythologize history and a few make good men into saints rather than confront the overall horror of what really happened.
One niece kept touching him with her cold hands, and he'd overdramatize how cold they were, and the kids would laugh.
In a recent article in CIO magazine, one chief information officer stated, "I'm looking at extortion money, and I'm not happy about it." (11) While this statement may overdramatize the situation, the reality is that customers have little choice in whether to pay maintenance fees.
But we tend as a society to sensationalize and overdramatize the effect.
"We were kind of in that spot of not wanting to overdramatize what's happened," said.
According to a 1998 study conducted by the American Society of Newspaper Editors about 80% of the 3,000 adults surveyed said newspapers overdramatize some news stories and sensational stories get more coverage than they deserve.
"We didn't want to overdramatize that, but it was a message that resonated with soybean growers." Agriliance calculations show that if Barrier were used in 10 percent of the U.S.
It does not help that K[ddot{o}]hler tends to overdramatize their interactions.
Secretary of Education Richard Riley in an op-ed piece in late August said it best: "I am increasingly concerned that some in the media may exaggerate or overdramatize the issue of school violence at the expense of the best interests of students, teachers, and parents." Riley made a plea to let communities heal and rebuild and not be subject to the onslaught of 24-hour news channels.
As an example of Pelaez's propensity to overdramatize and misinterpret the economic importance of time series properties in general, consider the following passage on page 84 of his 1997 paper:
But the tendency to overdramatize the very real labor militancy of the 1930s is not the only problematic characteristic of these essays.
CNN's Rutz says the news media, both print and broadcast, must resist a tendency to overdramatize stories with exaggerated "breakthrough" reports, especially in cancer and AIDS coverage.
At times he can overdramatize, or lapse into pop psychology, as when he connects Erdman's death in 1970 to the long-awaited premiere of The Suicide.
The noise, along with Babbitt's own tendency to overdramatize, played right into the hands of his adversaries.