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cause to crowd together too much

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crowd together too much

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In a day or two the answer came back that he had not a vacancy, and was very much opposed to the whole scheme; the profession was greatly overcrowded, and without capital or connections a man had small chance of becoming more than a managing clerk; he suggested, however, that Philip should become a chartered accountant.
One of the lifeboats, frightfully overcrowded, swung at a dangerous angle from its davits.
She lived in a town "in the centre," sharing her compassionate labours between the horrors of overcrowded jails, and the heartrending misery of bereaved homes.
Having thus, amid a general titter, played very prettily with his interrupter, the lecturer went back to his picture of the past, the drying of the seas, the emergence of the sand-bank, the sluggish, viscous life which lay upon their margins, the overcrowded lagoons, the tendency of the sea creatures to take refuge upon the mud-flats, the abundance of food awaiting them, their consequent enormous growth.
In early boyhood I tired of the teeming cities and overcrowded rural districts of Arizona.
If each generation die and leave ghosts, he argued, the world at last will get overcrowded with them.