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Most of us, even experienced home food preservers, overcook at least one batch of jam or preserves every year.
Summary: Nobody anywhere overcooks or undercooks anything, and everything is delicious.
Another word of advice for the health conscious who are worried about not adequately cooking their pork chops: either cook boneless pork chops to pink in the center or buy a pair of ice skates; if you do overcook the chops, you will end up with hockey pucks rather than edible pieces of meat.
Don't overcook. Give it about three minutes on each side, until the flesh starts to pull away from the bone and -- voila!
Don't overcook. While the pork shoulder in my brother's pozole takes hours to get tender, many leaner cuts are tender to begin with and dry out if overcooked.
5 Grill or broil until golden, do not overcook. 6 Serve with pita.
Take care not to overcook them to enjoy them at their best.
"Many people overcook their broccoli, unwittingly destroying the plant enzyme that gives us sulforaphane," the Daily Mail quoted Professor Elizabeth Jeffery as saying.
"I always thought it was impossible to overcook venison.
The secret is to get a good quality bird, and not to overcook it otherwise it will dry up.
If you boil peeled veg, don't overcook and use a minimal amount of liquid, otherwise you can lose over half the nutrients when your drain them.
Thinner chops are more likely to overcook in this strategy, so see the related recipe ("Apple Cider Glazed Pork Chops") for an alternate method that uses the same addictive pan sauce.
It was, therefore, 'undercooked' by commentators who went on to overcook 'undercooked' in the Olympics, if you catch my drift.
FOR a long time, this green leafy veg wasn't popular because of its bitter taste, but it becomes bitter if you overcook leaves which are mature.
A The main thing is not to overcook them and get your fishmonger to prepare them.