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Synonyms for overconfidence

Synonyms for overconfidence

total certainty or greater certainty than circumstances warrant

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Focusing on the overestimation of future cash flows, Malmendier and Tate (2005) propose a simple model to demonstrate empirically that managerial overconfidence may cause corporate investment distortions.
Our studies found that overconfidence helped people attain social status.
Johnson suggests that the pros and cons of overconfidence may vary at different levels in this hierarchy.
But his overconfidence bordered on recklessness, and it eventually killed him.
Tate and I analyze the existence and importance of CEO overconfidence in a series of papers.
Consistent with that hypothesis, long-term partners in the new study expressed more overconfidence in their knowledge about each others' preferences than people in short relationships did.
Overconfidence in your muscle power to lift heavy components can get you and others hurt and damage equipment.
But Van Bronkhorst believes if his team shows the same overconfidence they did against Cameroon in their last encounter, they could end up in danger.
2) The author outlines five decision-making biases--framing, overconfidence, selective attention, information overload, and emotions--that can interfere with effective decision making and offers tips and strategies to help officers improve their judgments by recognizing and mitigating the powerful, yet unseen, sway of these psychological traps.
Despite the upbeat assessment, Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said the International Monetary Fund had cautioned the G20 against overconfidence.
FRANCE hooker William Servat has warned his team-mates against overconfidence heading into their penultimate clash with Italy, reminding them they have won nothing yet.
DINAMO Moscow coach Andrey Kobelev will use the pain suffered by AC Milan in the 2005 Champions League final defeat by Liverpool to prevent overconfidence against Celtic in the third qualifying round second leg tonight.
There a number of reasons that could excuse that sorry performance on Saturday - fatigue, overconfidence, lack of confidence, whatever.
Global Banking News-18 March 2009-HSBC chief say overconfidence caused crisis(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.