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Synonyms for overconfidence

Synonyms for overconfidence

total certainty or greater certainty than circumstances warrant

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One of the most common methods employed by the experimental literature on overconfidence is to ask people whether they believe they are better than the average (or more accurately the median).
The pernicious nature of overconfidence has been demonstrated by research.
Thus, if overconfidence drives the momentum effect, we expect both short run momentum and long run reversal to be stronger for stocks predominantly owned by overconfident investors.
To answer this research question, we draw on upper echelons reasoning, viewing the organization as a reflection of its top management and emphasizing personality factors like the CEO's overconfidence (Hambrick, 2007; Hambrick & Mason, 1984).
Here are ways to avoid the Overconfidence Trap and minimize the risks of a catastrophic program launch:
SKA's recent defeats of Ak Bars and Dynamo Moscow are top-notch form, but they could pay for any overconfidence.
And, this overconfidence is costing businesses--of those fined or penalized, midsized firms report an average of six fines or penalties per year--costs businesses can ill afford in the current economic environment.
Sherine Abdelwahab's raw talent cannot be denied, neither can her occasional overconfidence though
INEXPERIENCE (86%) and overconfidence (86%) are the main reasons that new drivers are the riskiest group of road users, according to the latest poll from road safety charity Institute of Advanced Motorists.
But Srna says a near calamity in Cardiff earlier in this campaign will dispel any notions of overconfidence which may linger within the hosts.
This is definitely a reason to celebrate but I hope it doesn't cause overconfidence among our players and coaches.
Wonderfest discusses the complexity of human overconfidence and the frailty of knowledge.
This story of thinking unfolds in 38 chapters organizing diverse dimensions of condition into five parts: Two Systems, Heuristics and Biases, Overconfidence, Choices, and Two Selves.
Overconfidence is lethal in times of major transformations; and over-panicking will lead to floundering and collapse.