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Synonyms for overconfidence

Synonyms for overconfidence

total certainty or greater certainty than circumstances warrant

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Another factor that predicted overconfidence is how much a person's skill level at a trait is a matter of opinion.
The overconfidence effect may be partially due to differences in values between the middle and working classes, according to Belmi.
The higher Overconfidence level could be associated with more individualistic attitude in the U.S.
The latest study by Moosa and Ramiah (2017) confirmed the association between self-serving bias and overconfidence. They summed up that self-serving bias can be observed in a day-to-day environment and it is the key to financial crisis whereby traders can put the blame on external factors.
Liu, Stoutenborough, and Vedlitz's (2016) survey of US bureaucrats reveals that there is a clear connection between experience, expertise and overconfidence (as a difference between perceived and assessed knowledge) on climate change issues.
It is important to understand why overconfidence arises, as it may have serious consequences in people's lives.
Optimistic overconfidence can be expressed in three ways:
In this paper, we examine whether investor overconfidence, combined with self-attribution bias, contributes to the momentum effect of Jegadeesh and Titman (1993).
This awareness has not protected seniors from financial exploitation, in part because of their overconfidence that they can fend if off, according to new research.
Guided by the upper echelons theory, this research examines the relationship between chief executive officer (CEO) overconfidence and a firm's entrepreneurial orientation (EO).
Part of the overconfidence penalty involved in SMEs is overcome in the MME, improving the spread-error relationship, so that the MME approach adds value to both the deterministic and probabilistic forecast.
Fear, self-doubt, overconfidence, "in-group" thinking, misplaced commitment to a selected course of action, or entrepreneurial myopia can lead an entrepreneur to sabotage his or her business.
Beyond the rational framework, a wave of research suggests that optimism or overconfidence biases play a central role in the investment and financing decisions making process (Kahneman & Lovallo, 1993; Shefrin, 2001; Goel & Thakor, 2000; Malmendier & Tate, 2001; Heaton, 2002, Gervais, Heaton & Odean, 2002; Hackbarth, 2008).
Indirectly appreciating the RSS for its organisational skills, Krishna, while addressing a rally in Shivajinagar, said, " Congress suffers from a disease called overconfidence. We need to overcome it.
The opening paper studies the dynamic relationship between the overconfidence of fund managers, the past performance of their funds, and the tone of their investment narratives, finding excessive optimism and self-reference to be representative indicators of overconfidence.