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Synonyms for overcompensate

make up for shortcomings or a feeling of inferiority by exaggerating good qualities

make excessive corrections for fear of making an error

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Even without looking to tort law, courts sometimes award overcompensatory expectation damages.
Adaptive, compensatory (overcompensatory) mechanisms in response to disturbed homeostasis first require there be a time lag during which the disturbance in homeostasis occurs (Calabrese and Baldwin 2001c; Rozman and Doull 2000).
(78) Without such a rule, exercising discretion to deny injunctive relief ends up being ineffective, since massively overcompensatory damages remedies can have the same practical effect as an injunction.
Ruffian, an arabian horse at the side street near the bazaar, Marrakesh, 2006, ostensibly delivers a highfalutin subject but also marks the shameless application of a blatantly overcompensatory title to a little picture of a horse.
A later attack by bandits, however, reveals its self-conscious restaging in overcompensatory narration.
The density of species 1, however, complies with the overcompensatory Ricker mechanism that produces oscillations and chaos.
Density-dependent processes within populations can produce regular fluctuations in abundance if mortality or fecundity is altered sufficiently to be overcompensatory (May 1981a).
The fetal 'I' is heard before it is seen and, moreover, sees before it hears, for let us recall that Geppetto forgets to make Pinocchio's ears, the vaginal ear canal is occluded only to reappear in the overcompensatory phallic form of the long, dangling, overgrown ears of the now aphasic Pinocchio as donkey.
Freud pointed out that fear of castration, intense Oedipal attachment to the mother, narcissism and narcissistic object choice, and identification with sibling rivals with secondary overcompensatory love for them are important etiological factors in male homosexuality.
Yakubu, "Compensatory versus overcompensatory dynamics in density-dependent Leslie models," Journal of Difference Equations and Applications, vol.
An "overcompensatory" remedy thus paradoxically serves the interests of promisors by providing them a valuable bonding mechanism.
way toward eliminating this overcompensatory effect and, in the process,
The relatively low estimate of F versus M and the overcompensatory and resilient stock-recruitment relationship suggest that overfishing is not occurring on this stock.
"overcompensatory," Amar, Sovereignty and Federalism, supra