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Synonyms for overcharge

Synonyms for overcharge

to exploit (another) by charging too much for something

to make (something) seem greater than is actually the case

Synonyms for overcharge

a price that is too high

Related Words

place too much a load on

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Last year, the agency's Web site received 624 complaints about overcharges.
It's rare that we don't find overcharges when we review a company's records," said Schiff.
Overcharges develop as data is transferred between computer systems.
The regulations on the price and supply of petroleum products that spawned the overcharge cases originated with Richard Nixon's temporary wage and price controls.
For many years, there were no federal regulations governing the processing of overcharge claims.
The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, a Santa Monica-based watchdog group that raised complaints about the overcharge at the time, attacked the $150,000 fine as too small.
Another proposed change by DHCR applauded by owner reps would prevent tenants from profiteering on their room mates by prohibiting tenants from charging a roon-imate more than their "proportionate share" of the rent; Penalties could subject the prime tenant to an overcharge complaint.
Mark runs Anglia Business Associates, which specialises in detecting and correcting bank overcharges.
Interest deduction: If a homeowner paid an interest overcharge as the result of a financial institution's miscalculation of interest on an ARM, the homeowner may deduct the overcharge in the year of payment as qualified residence interest under Sec.
Regardless of the block, Bedell spent the firstpart of 1984 working very hard at introducing spare parts amendments and educating his colleagues as to the outrageousness of parts overcharges, the Gould contract being his main example.
The notices about the overcharge conviction must be posted for 60 days, Humphreys said.
The Court also found that the overcharge was willful and awarded the tenant treble damages.
Specifically, it should prevent Sempra from attempting to overcharge DWR again in the future.
It also alleged that some bank workers were told it was "the norm" to overcharge clients.